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    Crowd Source Alert Issue

    I just had this same issue today on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. First time I've seen this. Went to WzSabre and it said it wasn't responding. Killed it, reopened and all is fine now after opening Highway Radar again. I have all battery optimization disabled. Very weird.
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    Worst states for lidar use? Florida, Georgia and Ohio?

    Surprised no one mentioned Virginia! Daily LIDAR encounters when living there a few years ago.
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    Android Auto mirroring

    Very nice work, I saved this off in case I get a new enough vehicle one day to do the same. Hopefully Android Automotive will be coming to more vehicles in '22 and there won't be a need to use the cell phone anymore.
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    Highway Radar, SABRE plugins, and battery optimizations

    This look right? I just had to change it...
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Thanks for the tips. I will essentially need to put the heads IN FRONT of the grill in order for them to protrude out far enough, so I'd need to cut the grill enough for the brackets to stick through only. If I lower them as you mentioned, it also makes mounting easier as there's nothing to...
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Couldn't edit my last post, but I wanted to post a picture of the overhead of the car's got a pretty serious slope outward as it comes to the ground.
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    So here are some dimensions I measured on the front of my car. Also, the grills are actually back into the front end ~1”, so I would assume that the heads need to protrude beyond the bumper cover, and not just the grill.
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    I got my ALP in the mail, and I was measuring the locations as discussed above, and there's simply not the 8" of separation between the TX and the RX heads IF I place the TX in the grill. The TX would fit in the center of the dart, which could work. I looked around, and didn't see any installs...
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Thanks, I'll certainly take some measurements. Do you think I should tilt the rears slightly outward, just a couple of degrees? Ahhh you mean a 3rd RX head down low? Yea that sorta goes along w/my LI strategy when I put that in. One of the main reasons I'm getting an ALP is my fear of coming...
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Oh, meaning the two RX could be too close together? May cause interference? I was wondering if I should take a 24" diameter measurement from the locations to see where that pans out. I'm sure it won't cover the tail lights from those locations. I know the only real way to know is to test it.
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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Alright guys so I'm going to upgrade my LI with an ALP system 2 RX, 1 TX in the front and 2 RX in the rear. When I installed my LI ages ago, I put all 4 heads in the front. I've got pictures here with the orange circles which is where I had the LI on the front. This has seemed to work very well...
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    The roads around Denver, CO are the same. Traffic is back up to before COVID numbers. Not all jobs are work from home and I still get plenty of driving in per week regardless of COVID.
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    Cellink extra battery, anyone use something else?

    I don't have the answer you're looking for but was wondering the same thing. The Blackvue appears to have a USB port on it for powering a hotspot or some other device. I unfortunately got the celllink myself, so it's like $1400 for 3 Blackvue batteries, ouch!
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    Highway Radar v2.4.3: New aircraft server and map lock

    When the app is in PIP, and I press the little maximize arrows, the app just goes to the background after about 5 seconds. At that point I use the drop-down and select the app and it comes back on the screen. Happens in Landscape & Portrait mode consistently every time. Doesn't seem to matter if...
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    Ànyone here ticketed for Laser Jammers?

    I had this exact same incident happen to me in February 2018. Had lived in VA 10 years running a detector and jammers...never once had a problem until the day I was literally leaving the state and I got pulled over and given a safety violation for my RD. Cop took down the serial # for some...
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    Waze Icon Missing from HR?

    I had been wondering what happened to this for a while. I got the button back, and just realized I could have it start Waze and do PIP all on startup. 😶 Thanks again for all these wonderful features.
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    Theia - The most unexpected thing you're waiting for.

    Max 360c...had a Max and a 9500ix before. All Escort...I'm a sucker for the auto-lockouts.
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    Theia - The most unexpected thing you're waiting for.

    I'd say it's the display and how it's going to display the information I need and just what I need in a readable size...I realize space is limited, but current RD don't do this well.
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    Gonna Wait For Theia

    I just can't wait to never have to buy another Escort product again...
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    Band Summary by State (as of 02/14/2020)

    Why isn't VA on the laser jammer banned list?