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  1. mb300sd

    Fall 2021 Georgia Testing Meet

    I'm going to be in Auburn for the UGA game :(
  2. mb300sd

    Radenso DS1 Mount and Top Case CAD File

    Love this! Do you guys use Fusion360 for all your mechanical design work?
  3. mb300sd

    Anticipation for Theia......

    Well, quantum mechanics also says there's a tiny chance a fully assembled theia will appear in your car tomorrow morning. But it's like 1 in 10^10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000....
  4. mb300sd

    Spring 2021 GATG testing and meet up

    Just read all up on the TX blacks... another mod in my todo list. Haven't been keeping up with much here with all the craziness in my life these days. My schedule is always all over the place, so I'll make it if I can once a date is decided. 1627708037 I've been all over 985 lately and haven't...
  5. mb300sd

    Spring 2021 GATG testing and meet up

    I'm still completely indeterminate until the week of, game time decision when the date's decided.
  6. mb300sd

    Spring 2021 GATG testing and meet up

    I don't know my schedule, but would be down if I'm free on whatever date's picked.
  7. mb300sd

    Texas Semiconductor Producers Forced to Curtail Production

    The parts supply is really insane. I couldn't find an IC or 2 for some hobby projects, just in the research phase.
  8. mb300sd

    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    Loading now! Can't wait to run it, been waiting for this release for years it feels like.
  9. mb300sd

    Theia....alerts over car speakers via Bluetooth?

    HFP would probably be preferred, want it to override the stereo, unless you can bounce another audio source off Theia.
  10. mb300sd

    Will Theia’s onboard computer become outdated and is a phone platform more viable?

    Wouldn't a new band necessitate hardware changes though? Going through the RF thread, there seems to be a lot of filtering on the board that might block out, say 77GHz, if it was authorized as a police band.
  11. mb300sd

    Expected release date for Theia?

    Too busy lately to do much other than check in here and see if I missed an (or 6) email... 24 days max, <insert please take my money gif>
  12. mb300sd

    Theia RF Architecture

    Possible hint at Theia2? Evolved radar horns :D
  13. mb300sd

    Theia RF Architecture

    Amazing what you can learn once you have the right term to google. Might actually understand this thing after a few days of reading..
  14. mb300sd

    Theia RF Architecture

    I'd love for someone to explain what all the little roughly triangular things sticking off the traces do. I know they're sized to resonate at a specific frequency, but have no idea what they do.
  15. mb300sd

    Theia RF Architecture

    I see a PLL, 2 LNAs and a switch. RF PCB layout is way beyond my level though.
  16. mb300sd

    Theia and crowd sourcing

    MoTeC for the win.
  17. mb300sd

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - New K Filter Discussion

    Updated. Not really noticing any difference in K band BSM falses, but also getting the quick alert before driving into some lock outs. Wiping them and starting over I guess.
  18. mb300sd

    Theia in Tesla Model 3

    Good find. This is a bit smaller though in case it needs to be tucked under something. Just posting what I already made for charging my phone in case it's useful for others - Theia wasn't even announced when I made the first one.
  19. mb300sd

    Powering Theia

    Simple, tiny, USB-PD direct wire adapter. This is my hard wired phone charger. Disassemble, solder 2 wires, heat shrink. Done. You can probably find one that's even smaller that only has a USB-C port. I wanted the option to go back to QC3 in case I broke my new phone and had to use the old...
  20. mb300sd

    Theia in Tesla Model 3

    Since it's USB, a DIY direct wire adapter will be very simple. Buy something like this and disassemble it. Solder 2 wires for the power input, and heat shrink the whole thing. It ends up being about 1"x0.5 x0.3" so could fit in plenty of places. I've made 2 of them for charging my phone in the...