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  1. wirelessandy

    Beltronics Ka tone file?

    I may be in the minority, but the Bel Ka tone is still my favorite. I searched and can't find a nice, clean sample/recording of it. Anyone have a Bel they can sample the Ka tone? My last resort is to get an eBay special and create the recording myself. (At least I have the proper gear and...
  2. wirelessandy

    Mac M1 (2020) external display woes?

    In Jan 2021 I got my Mac Mini M1 (2020) to replace my intel-based Mini. Big difference immediately: This M1 cpu runs cool and quiet! But it would not recognize the display connected to the USB-C port. I’d have to restart the monitor (Dell 3219 4K) for the Mac to finally show up. HDMI works...
  3. wirelessandy

    Help! Reinstalled ALP. Sometimes HiFi works, sometimes only beeps

    I uninstalled ALP (HW2, 5 head, GPS, HiFi, no external LED) and re-installed it in another car with same sensor configuration. (Sat on shelf for a few weeks.) Did the reset (press button 5x, etc). HiFi would SOMETIMES work when ALP powers on. Other times, I'd only hear simple beep tones from...
  4. wirelessandy

    V1D doesn't always seem to auto-connect

    I'm not sure if it's the V1Driver app, the phone, my bluetooth dongle, etc. One of the key features about V1Driver I like is the automatic connection feature. Start car, V1Driver connects. I've noticed a few times my iPhone doesn't get the lock screen notification that V1Driver has connected...
  5. wirelessandy

    Blackvue DR900: Yea or Nay?

    It's been a little while since the DR900 came out. Seems to be the only true 4K player from a trustworthy mfr. I can see so far. I would have thought more by now. It is safe to tread into the DR900 pool yet? I see FW has been updated recently. Any other major issues?
  6. wirelessandy

    Modifying the Remote/Concealed Display

    Just for grins, I ordered a remote "concealed" display. I forgot how the cord exits the left and how much "wasted" room there is in the box, so I thought I'd finally get around to making a slim display with the cable exiting the rear. I know this has been done before, but what the heck. To...
  7. wirelessandy

    Radenso RC-M GPS indicator blinking

    im still new to Radenso. Why is the GPS indicator on the remote display blinking? I’m assuming it means no signal or fix? I’m repositioning the antenna on TOP of the dash to experiment. It was under my speedometer cluster hood (plastic) before where my toll tag and other GPS antennas live.
  8. wirelessandy

    Radenso RC-M: Disable red light cam alerts?

    It would appear you can disable SPEED cam alerts in the menu settings, but I still get RED LIGHT CAM alerts when driving my usual route. I don't see a menu option to disable this. Did I miss it? Actually, I don't need any GPS-based features at all. Can I just unplug the GPS receiver, or will I...
  9. wirelessandy

    Remote Detector: Out front vs. above rear view mirror?

    When it comes to remote-mounted detectors such as the NetRadar, Radenso RC-M, Escort stuff, what's the "better" place for the front receiver? I'm talkin' radar only, not laser reception. Outside, unobstructed or Inside, above rear view mirror I'm not talking about behind a plastic bumper, or...
  10. wirelessandy

    RC-M display: Replaceable?

    As I go down my checklist of pros-cons on my "next big countermeasure move", I thought about that nifty removable display. I read somewhere the display is OLED. I'm a little iffy about always-on OLED displays after my Uniden R3 showed signs of burn-in. I haven't heard a peep on the RC-M's OLED...
  11. wirelessandy

    RC-M Smart Dark "moving dot" setting question

    When the RC-M is in Smart Dark (aka the moving dot) setting, I understand the display just shows a moving dot until the unit receives an alert. My question is: When it DOES receive an alert, what brightness does the screen go to? The last time I looked into this with the Uniden R3, the...
  12. wirelessandy

    Notification issues?

    Version here. iPhone X on iOS 12.0., V1 with the bluetooth dongle Ever since iOS 12, I've noticed the notifications have been hit and miss. I use my iPhone to notify me what frequency Ka is detected. I don't even get my "connected" initial notification anymore. I've been fiddling...
  13. wirelessandy

    360ci remote OLED display: Burn in?

    I've been pondering the Escort 360ci just for front and rear radar... but... I'm concerned about that OLED. When I had the R3, I did notice some ghosting. Bad for my OCD. I've seen threads (not this forum, that other one) of the Max 360 windshield models with similar displays with nasty...
  14. wirelessandy

    Anker Roav S1: 1080p at 60fps Finally. Now, somebody send me one so I can compare IQ and bitrates.
  15. wirelessandy

    Viofo A119 PRO (2560*1440P 30fps) Presale A119 PRO 1440P 30fps 1296P 30fps 1080P 60fps Car Dash Cam Comes with suction cup mount. The interesting bit: 2560*1440P 30fps ; 2304*1296P 30fps 1920*1080P 60fps ; 1920*1080P 30fps 1280*720 60fps; 1280*720 30fps The PRO lens is described as F1.8, 130° FOV. The...
  16. wirelessandy

    6th Grade Science Project: LIDAR testing

    Okay so I may have fed my 6th grade son some ideas for a science project. The execution was purely his own. His science project: "What can trick a laser speed gun?" Last summer he built this rickety go-kart, and being the dad I am, I thought "what's the cheapest, ebay-est way to electrify...
  17. wirelessandy

    I don't use Parking Mode, but maybe I should. Appears to be a Blackvue 650 2-channel.
  18. wirelessandy

    GitUp (Viofo) F1 "action cam": 4K @ 30fps

    Remember the Mobius? Imagine that but with a tiny LCD text screen for settings... and 4K. Keep your eyes out for this one: 4K HD video: 3840 x 2160P; 30fps 2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160P; 30fps 1440P HD video: 2560 x...
  19. wirelessandy

    GPS off. Then on. Then off (repeat)

    Any ideas? Been running the ALP for years now w/o issue. Today on my drive home (warm day, low 80's) I noticed the external LED quick flash red as if GPS signal was lost. (On my hifi, I have "loss of signal" muted). Later, it'll flash green. Maybe a minute later, flash red again. Intervals...
  20. wirelessandy

    Roav C2 Dash Cam

    Big screen? Big screen. Anker seems to be on a roll with this Roav series.