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  1. John RD

    RL360C is it working ?

    I drive around and never seem to get a real Police alert. I do get false Multaradar and K alerts. It also lights up gray when I go through locked out places. But I've passed several Leo's without a beep. Am I just lucky or is this RL360C gone bad ?
  2. John RD

    1.10 F/W ??

    Maybe someone on RD forums has a good rumour on if Escort has a 1.10 F/W in the works for less falses on MRCD or MRCT ? Even Cedar folks could give us some info. It's so bad on my RL 360C that those segments have been turned off. I hate paying for something I can't use.🤬
  3. John RD

    Stored Falses Question

    I keep storing false alarm sources like door openers etc. It works great. But is there a limited number of stored locations and how will I know when that's reached ? Thanks
  4. John RD

    DS 1 RDD immunity?

    Just saw new Vortex vid on DS 1 👍👍 But no mention of RDD immunity, what's the story ?
  5. John RD

    RL360C problem question

    I've noticed that after Iam driving with RL 360c unit shuts off as it should after a hour of being parked. Problem is that it will not turn back on automatically like it should. I have to shut power off to it and then turn it back on. Anyone had this issue ?
  6. John RD

    RL360C question

    I've looked in escort manual and no mention of this. I get a voice alert of " Live Ka Caution " and screen shows Ka letters surrounded in red color. Looks serious but no LEO. Anyone know what this is ? Thanks
  7. John RD

    Hey everybody in Commi Ontario! Ever been caught with RD ot Jammers ?

    If so how did it happen and give others advise from your experience.
  8. John RD

    RL 360c question

    Since I installed FW 1.9 on my RD I cannot manually lock out known false alarm locations. I dont know if they are related or did I turn something off ? Thanks in advance.
  9. John RD

    WS vs. Custom Install

    I know that a custom install is much better looking in a car and a lot less likely to be found by theives and LEO. But as far as performance in the real world do they work any better, same, or worse ?🤔
  10. John RD

    Bombed by Falses on my RL 360c

    Was out driving yesterday in built up city streets and rural 2 lane hwys. Damn Multaradar alert kept going off to the point of having to shut RD off ! Lots of BSM making me crazy also. So when later at home started to research info on RDF and found that some members suggest shutting off...
  11. John RD

    RD too Quiet ! Getting nervous.

    Ever get the feeling that your RD is not working because it's been too quiet ? And you start to question if it even works ? Makes me want to buy my own radar gun for testing. I guess luck would have it that Leo's are just not around where I've been. Iam sticking to the PSL until my RL360C starts...
  12. John RD

    RL360C Auto setting

    I've owned my RL360C for months now and mostly use it on rural highways. I've set it to Highway mode and get a lot of BSM alarms. I read that the Auto mode really diminishes false alerts. I was out today in Auto mode and I do believe that RD was even quieter.👍 Has anyone else gotten similar...
  13. John RD

    ☆Theia Lottery☆

    Howz about Randy @ R doing a lottery for some actual lucky contestant picking at random a date on Theia's release getting it FREE ! 1622937261 Further to my post, each date guess would be a small donation to a charity picked by Randy. As long as donation isn't $899 + tx.🤔
  14. John RD

    Such a deal on ebay !

    Who needs a RL 360c ? $999.99 + $70 USD 😱 And cheap too.
  15. John RD

    Covid Shot my Ass !

    Was due to get my covid shot this Sunday but as luck would have it I recieved my "Cancelled" email this morning . Politics in this part of Ontario are such that certain areas are proving the old saying is true "The Sqeeky Wheel Gets The Oil". Never mind the vulnerability of the elderly or the...
  16. John RD

    RL 360 c Questions Help !

    Just got a new Silverado which has 4G Hot Spot WIFI in it. 1) Am I correct that 4G wifi will not work with my RL360c unit ? 2) When I am on Escort Live I cannot link to my RD with Blue Tooth. It just keeps scanning but never links. I did call Escort and was #12 in line. No call back ! I wonder...
  17. John RD

    Lazer Jammers

    Anyone in Ontario been caught useing lazer jammers by Police ?
  18. John RD

    Canucker segmentation help

    Recently got a RL 360 c and I live in Ontario. Currently leaving all settings in ON position because I don't know which ones to shut off. Any info on segmentation of radar bands in Ontario would be appreciated, thanks.
  19. John RD

    Driving with RL 360 c

    I thought I would give my impression of my new toy. I have the 1.7 F/W The signal lockout feature is great. I have some speed signs in my area and they have gone silent. Same with some door openers. It is very quiet for most of the time. It sure does go nuts when certain cars go by me and I...
  20. John RD

    Hiding my RL 360c Help !

    Blend mounts and suction cups are great but out of the question here in Communist Ontario. It would be seized in a heart beat. Any idea on hiding my RD from Leo's view. And no Iam not putting a ball cap over it.🤔