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    Welcome Namtraf! Check out vortex radar for some excellent tips and reviews. Happy trails!
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    K band in PNW

    Right you are, I’ve grown so numb to the usual spots they park those vans (looking at you Milwaukie) I kinda lumped them in with all the other nuisance K alerts. It’s just reflex now….k alert location a - w ignore, location x, y, or z… consider it LEO of some kind…..
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    Wanted: TMG installer in Portland, OR area

    Wow. First, thanks for the shoutout @Smason and second I’ve been off the forum obviously for far too long. What can I say, busy summer. At any rate, @raqball, nice car, I’ve always been a fan of the stinger, second, I would consider myself competent-many years ago in a lifetime far far away I...
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    K band in PNW

    Yep. K is most definitely still in use in OR but mostly - I would say almost exclusively - by local rural departments. You are ~probably~ safe turning it off if you mainly travel major roads and highways but any rural areas definitely consider K alert valid until proven Honda or otherwise. Ask...
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    Retest: Instant On Testing w/ 13 RD's on Ka Band

    I’ll second that, very disappointing numbers to be sure for the RL360c, but I still hold out hope that range will negate a slow alert time. That is to say, I would hope that I am getting alerts to other targets long before I get to the kill box. If I’m the only one that gets targeted however, I...
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    Would you buy Radar Absorbing Paint?

    Just to echo what others have already pointed out, radar absorbing coatings, not just paint, are only effective when coupled with design, and materials used in construction of the low observable object. Plus, those coatings used on military vehicles are comparatively fragile, requiring regular...
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    New from the Pacific Northwest.

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    Uniden R3 - Just one person's first impressions

    I run the RL360c in my car, formerly a max360 now in my wife‘s car and picked up an R3 as a more affordable option for a vehicle I only drive intermittently. In my experience the R3 is much much MUCH noisier on k than the escorts. I put up with it and just ignore them in town. But I don’t want...
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    Going to use Apple Maps via Carplay is secondary CM

    What I mean by less useful, to clarify, in my personal experience anyway, in my area, it just seems - admittedly I have no hard data to validate this - but just looking at the map randomly, that there are fewer wazers out, and fewer reports being posted. Why? And I’m talking recent, not...
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    Going to use Apple Maps via Carplay is secondary CM

    Waze has definitely become more buggy and less useful of late. If Apple Maps steps up I for sure will be all about it. One issue that has always bothered me about waze as a navigation app was that it was terrible about alerting to things like, what lane to be in for a turn, or an exit, or just...
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    TMG Head placement

    greetings @stigmamaster1, fellow Oregonian here. I wouldn’t even consider head placement in an alternative location. Both of my lidar encounters - 1st happening before ALP install (fortunately doing < PSL in preparation for a turn which provided all the convincing I needed to get CMs) and my...
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    Did You Buy an R7 from Amazon <$400

    Replacement -working- R3 arrived and installed, can't wait to give it shakedown run!
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    Did You Buy an R7 from Amazon <$400

    Yeah, I know but that dosent help with first impressions - with anything, that is to say, even though the brain understands the reality, the heart is still broken if that makes sense? And having said that; to reiterate, I completely ruined a mirror tap because I was absolutely convinced it had...
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    Did You Buy an R7 from Amazon <$400

    The R3 was also on sale and having recently found myself in need of a new RD I too decided to “cheat” on escort, given the performance at the price point uniden seemed to promise. Say what you will about escort support, and wildly inflated (sometimes?) promises, but 5/5 have been flawless...
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    Yep, that’s why I’m not a programmer. but yes, makes perfect sense as you’ve explained it. Thanks for the detail!
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    I know just enough about what your up against to understand the challenge; not nearly enough to even begin to tackle it so once again, mad props to you. Just curious if it would help in any way to limit the scope to major highways and ignore minor surface streets etc with version 1? An Apple...
  17. Chrismx

    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    I’d say that is significant progress! Congratulations on your ALP, may it bring you many saves. And thank you for the update, even to let us know that means you are still thinking about it and is meaningful. Cheers!
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    I feel you, coming from a similar background (alas however, a programmer I am not, so mad respect). One must have sanity breaks.
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    Redline 360c Firmware v1.6 Release

    I almost got caught with my proverbial pants down a couple summers ago. I had thought K band was all but retired outside of the most rural poor counties - well outside the usual stomping grounds I frequent. Well, just outside of Portland - a bit rural but still in multnohma county, picked up K...
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    oh! good to know, I thought I saw something recently - or a sign posted out on a road somewhere - that aircraft enforcement was in use. perhaps I confused or confounded that with another. Thanks! (never the less, I do drive a fair bit in WA....)