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  1. jcp

    Applying RTV silicone to sensors?

    Hi all, I want to apply silicone to the RX and TX heads for better waterproofing. Is it just were the lens meets the body (few mms) that I need to silicone, or do I need to apply more to a larger area? Here are 2 pics. The one with the white lines is where I was thinking the silicone was...
  2. jcp

    2001 Nissan Maxima New Install

    Hi everyone. As titled above, I am new to laser jammers and am receiving my ALP HIFI 2x reg + 1x TX today. I would like some suggestions / confirmation on placement, if you'd be so kind. Here are some pics: RX= red TX=Green Please feel free to make alterations to placement. TIA John
  3. jcp

    John From Vancouver

    Hi all, just wanted to say 'Hi' to all the members. I have gleaned a lot of info over the past week. I look forward to being here. I wish everyone and their families good health in this pandemic. John