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  1. oversteer325

    R7 1.37 Ramp Changes

    Question to those that have stayed on 1.37. Has anyone had encounters with the typical Uniden R series ramp where it shows full strength alert for an extended period of time before passing the source? I’ve been watching some videos of 1.37 encounters and it seems like the full strength alert...
  2. oversteer325

    Uniden RLC DB update 04/06/2021

    Looks like Uniden posted an updated RLC Speed Cam db on their site.
  3. oversteer325

    R1 discontinued?

    Anyone else notice that the R1 is showing up as discontinued on more and more retailer sites? Buydig and Best Buy both show it as discontinued or no longer available for purchase as new item. Hopefully this means the R2/R4 are still coming.
  4. oversteer325

    R7 Alerted to Laser

    My wife just went out to run an errand with the kids and ran into a Union County NC Sheriff Lidar training session. She said they had four deputies lined up painting cars and were actively handing out citations with chase vehicles. She didn’t remember what the lidar units looked like but she...
  5. oversteer325

    Level placement of R1/3

    When placing the detector on the windshield I’ve been using the seam down the side of the detector to check that it’s level. The bottom of the detector seems to be lower towards the screen end, so if I check level using the bottom it shows that I’m angled up while the seam says level. Are...
  6. oversteer325

    Any differences in Bushnell models?

    I’m thinking about picking up a Bushnell to test with and learn about, but I see they have a few different models online. Is there any specific model that is generally recommended or are they all the same internally? It seems like most use the Velocity but is there any reason to use a Speedster...
  7. oversteer325

    Uniden RLC database update! 10/12/19

    Database update available on the Uniden support site!
  8. oversteer325

    2020 Audi Q7 Stealth Jammers

    I know they are for the radar cruise or collision avoidance system but the new Audi Q7 totally looks like it comes with jammers installed behind stealth covers. I had one behind me today and got really excited that I saw someone with jammers but when I looked up the car I saw they come with the...
  9. oversteer325

    Honda KA false?

    Has anybody else seen any Honda’s punch through as a 34.835 or similar segment 6 KA signal? I was at a light behind a brand new Honda that was showing up as 24.211/24.167 back and forth but then I got a full tilt KA alert that lasted for a few seconds and went away. No LEOs visible in the...
  10. oversteer325

    R1/R3 v1.50 Firmware Released

    Looks like they posted the R1 and R3 update to V1.50 and it includes K-Block!
  11. oversteer325

    DFR7 Firmware Update 06/27/19 V1.12E

    It looks like there is a new firmware update for the DFR7 on the Uniden Support site. V1.12E They didn't post any release notes that I can see.
  12. oversteer325

    Stalker Drifting High in Lancaster County SC

    Saw a 34.837 KA hit today in Lancaster County SC. I guess I’ll have to keep segment 6 turned on as at least one in my area is drifting high. I’ve had Bel detectors since 2001 but recently picked up an R3. Loving it so far! Edit: This was a false due to an R3 firmware bug.