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  1. aradarnut

    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    What's your conspiracy theory? 🤣🤣
  2. aradarnut

    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by GPS range options? Thanks
  3. aradarnut

    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    I updated mine to the 1.40 and it behaves exactly like the 1.37
  4. aradarnut

    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    He stressed the point that there is no change. I seriously wonder what people smoke while watching his videos.
  5. aradarnut

    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    I just experienced this issue. Getting this thing to download reminds me of the way their old stuff worked, pain in the ass. Any ideas why Chrome won't download it? Security I guess. But no notification, just won't do it.
  6. aradarnut

    Uniden R4 Pricing

    DS1 doesn't have LNA's. Perhaps that is the $50 better. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. aradarnut

    [Software] Uniden R7 Update Utility & Drivers for Windows

    Uniden needs to unfork their update process and provide us with an R7 auto lockout firmware update to fix the problems experienced.
  8. aradarnut

    Uniden R4 Initial Test Results

    I'd like to see a firmware update for the R7. The auto lockout mediocrity is getting a little old imho.
  9. aradarnut

    "Good" detector for around $200

    My bad I was half asleep please accept my apologies. 1628593029 And to the mods and rest of group, I apologize. That was inappropriate.
  10. aradarnut

    "Good" detector for around $200

    First of all there is no such thing as a dfr1/3. If it's the R1 or R3 you're referring to, then kindly pull your head out and get an R1. There are no extra bells and whistles, and it has the frequency display you're wanting. Straight up.
  11. aradarnut

    Disappointment with app

    My guess is that there must be heavy alcohol usage within the Escort entity. NOTHING else would explain their inexcusable lack of 'givvafuq'. Js 🤷‍♂️
  12. aradarnut

    Technical and customer support

    I'm not Uniden support but my 1st thought, when seeing this picture was "Holly shit. Ooh dear God, no". I would recommend that you immediately take that to a cellphone repair store if they have such a thing in NZ. Perhaps they could assist you. Wow.
  13. aradarnut

    Anyone got any news on R9 or anything new from Uniden

    That's funny you say that when Uniden is the best bang for the buck. You're gonna be holding awhile too, btw.
  14. aradarnut

    Warning to potential buyers - Watch out for Dodgy sellers / How to check your unit is brand new (or not).

    Yep. They took a month to give me my money back on two different occasions as well. Then have the audacity to accuse me of abuse. I bet they get screwed by John Q. Public more than we can imagine so I can see some of their side however I always would repurchase with my upfront dime and still the...
  15. aradarnut

    Warning to potential buyers - Watch out for Dodgy sellers / How to check your unit is brand new (or not).

    I got screwed by Amazon Warehouse on a detector that wasn't the correct model, in the correct box. So I sent it back, telling them what the deal was and bought a "new" one from straight up Amazon. Then they sent me a notice saying I hosed them and was abusing my account and they were gonna...
  16. aradarnut

    R7 v1.37

    Mine picks and chooses how it wants to go about auto-locking. I've seen it do it on the second trip and then there's some that have yet to auto-lock even though criteria has been met. I only auto-lock K-band though as I haven't had the need to lock out any Ka so far. I hope Uniden is in the...
  17. aradarnut

    Cobra DualPro 360 - "The Sleep Issue"

    Here is my video. I even sent it to Cedar. No reply. Are you surprised? I'm not.
  18. aradarnut

    Cobra DualPro 360 - "The Sleep Issue"

    A big 40 Rogers on that!
  19. aradarnut

    Cobra DualPro 360 - "The Sleep Issue"

    They have not experienced it 'that they know of'. As it's been said before, there is no indication that the unit is sleeping when it's doing so. The user must be alert to what is going on. For example: passing a speed sign that always sets it off and fails to do so. Then further investigation...
  20. aradarnut

    When do I get my Radar Detector?

    To me Escort is bad news. I wouldn't put up with that crap. And if you have an Issue once you finally get the unit, you will have the same Slow Boat to China problem with them. It's really a shame that what used to be really good isn't worth a crap anymore. Escort=💩💩