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  1. Deacon

    Rigid Industries lights

    You should probably explain.
  2. Deacon

    2021 Ford Bronco

    Wait they’re going to make painted hardtops an option?
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    Any iPhone users planning on switching to the Pixel 6?

    Apple is not responsible for Google removing the headphone jack. That’s their own call. It just turned out to be a handy one as far as they were concerned. As for airplanes, they’ve long been a source of frustration with inconsistent and oddball headphone hookups on different models flown by...
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    Any iPhone users planning on switching to the Pixel 6?

    You don’t just use the VPN switch in Settings? I use my home routers own OpenVPN, and it’s solid for hours as long as the connectivity itself is solid. You may be having intermittent connectivity issues that the Android version is simply covering over with very tolerant settings that aren’t...
  5. Deacon

    Any iPhone users planning on switching to the Pixel 6?

    It's so funny to me how where Apple leads everyone else follows. That's not just in huge, revolutionary ways like the original iPhone. Google made a huge deal about making fun of Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack. Like, invested large amounts of money to harp on it. And for not...
  6. Deacon

    My mobile ham/scanner drillers! Need some opinions

    Only downside of black antennas is that as they get dinged up by bugs and trees and drive through and such, they end up looking not their best. You can always touch them up, of course, which is great. I don’t mind regular old chrome.
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    Come ride along with me during a night endurance race, with a P2 finish

    Those words do not belong in that order. Of course, in the end it’s just a matter of funding ;)
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    DDS-VFO CB radio mod

    And Thursday.
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    V1G2 Firmware version 4.1027 Released (2021.10.18)

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like they expanded the API to cover volume as well?
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    Laser Detection on a Radar Detector: More than just a ticket Notifier?

    If rather have better laser detection there, like a real LiDAR defense system installed and set to receive only. Even a cheap older used single head unit would be better than any windshield mount radar detector. As far as alleged scatter saves, even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion, but...
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    Rigid Industries lights

    Hopefully it comes with a relay and harness and instructions. They’re usually pretty straightforward to follow. It’ll be up to you to decide how you want them to turn on. The default is manual control with a switch you stick to the dash. For my PIAA lights (same concept but halogen), I skipped...
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    FM CB

    It adds FM?
  13. Deacon

    Tesla Autopilot Fail

    It does that in even when not in construction zones, where lane markings are all normal, etc?
  14. Deacon

    R7 BANNER :-)

    It’s been a few months, but it appears @Rice1995 still doesn’t have an R7 bar in his signature ;)
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    I wonder what the return rate is for the DS1

    The implication is much, instead of no significant gains whatsoever, which is what we’re shown in this particular test. ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️
  16. Deacon

    Uniden R4 Initial Test Results

    I think maybe he meant on the test courses that were showing ~2700 feet with existing detectors? It’s an odd way to refer to range, but I would want to be able to back that off sometimes :)
  17. Deacon

    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    Yikes, why go so far back??
  18. Deacon

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T!
  19. Deacon

    I wonder what the return rate is for the DS1

    The DS1’s longest detection beat the R4.