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  1. nomore55

    MA state police to quit over vaccine mandate !

    ‘Dozens’ of Massachusetts troopers line up to quit over COVID vaccine mandate Some state troopers are saying they will quit rather than get a vaccine. By JOE DWINELL | [email protected] and AMY SOKOLOW | [email protected] | Boston Herald PUBLISHED: September 24, 2021 at 7:22 p.m...
  2. nomore55

    Expectations for Maryland: Uniden, VVaze and RLCs and speed cameras?

    Guys, I'm traveling down to Baltimore this weekend and am sort of wondering what benefit, if any, switching on the settings in the Uniden R3 to detect these various enforcement tools that we never have to deal with. What sort of stuff will the R3's database show me? Is it of any real value...
  3. nomore55

    Am I the only one that noticed entire VA SP descending upon Wash DC this afternoon?

    I hope we've all been following today's news at the US Capital building! Did anyone else notice the parade of VA state trooper vehicles, in a massive convoy, preparing to provide material support to the overwhelmed capital police? Dozens and dozens and dozens of marked and unmarked rides...
  4. nomore55

    Friend bought two new V1 detectors and loaned me one for the week !

    Very nice, I like the lights and the freshened up design! I'm trying to figure out if this Gen 2 version is significantly better than the Gen 1 in terms of BSM falsing. I haven't driven very far with it. Taking a longer ride today. I can see it has superior sensitivity but I'm trying to...
  5. nomore55

    Providence RI turns speed cams back on today PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — After seven months of deactivation, 14 Providence speed cameras will turn back on Monday, while another six that were placed in new locations will enter 30-day warning...
  6. nomore55

    Radius circles: Best uses?

    Guys, I've been playing around with Highway Radar again and am wondering what/if people are using the various radius circles we can select in the Menu. I can see it being used as a simple way to gage distance to a possible threat. Are people using it for other helpful purposes? Thanks.
  7. nomore55

    Ohio drops front license plate requirement

    this was passed a while ago, but went into effect today. "Ohio drivers will no longer be drilling holes into the front of a new vehicle to mount a license plate as of Wednesday. In the past, those without a front license plate could be charged with a minor misdemeanor and fined up to $100...
  8. nomore55

    Rate Of Deadly Crashes In Massachusetts Doubled In April, Despite 50% Less Traffic

    BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said a disturbing statistic shows many drivers aren’t slowing down on empty roads caused by the coronavirus pandemic. MassDOT said Monday that new data shows the “rate of fatalities on Massachusetts roadways doubled in April.” “With...
  9. nomore55

    Empty highways lure California drivers to speed, with citations up 87 percent

    NY Post: Drivers in California are putting the pedal to the metal on coronavirus-cleared roadways — with one reckless motorist recently topping out at 165 mph, officials said. Citations for speeding in excess of 100 mph have skyrocketed 87 percent since the state’s stay-at-home order took...
  10. nomore55

    PSA for drivers in MA: New law kicks in on Feb 23, 2020

    I know everyone is aware of this, but it seems prudent to pass this along to non-residents traveling in MA: Effective February 23, Massachusetts law prohibits drivers from using any hand-held device while operating a motor vehicle. Massachusetts is the latest Northeast state to enact...
  11. nomore55

    PA: Anyone travel I80 often? Road quality report?

    Guys, next week I'm going to be traveling from Columbus OH back to Boston. I've only traveled the Thruway (I90) in NYS in recent history for this journey. It's literally been decades since I've driven I80 thru PA. I've intentionally avoided that road due to bad memories/poor road surfaces...
  12. nomore55

    More MA SP follies

    (I'm not sure what happened to the previous MA SP thread I had going...) State police head Col. Kerry Gilpin steps down, announces retirement State Police Col. Kerry A. Gilpin is stepping down as the leader of an agency rocked by multiple scandals, authorities said Wednesday. David...
  13. nomore55

    Data-only SIM card for Waze?

    Guys, I've got a Motorola phone (Android 6) and I'm wondering if there is a cheap way to get data going on it so I can use Waze. There used to be a company that sold SIM cards for $75 and that bought you some finite amount of data. You had to use it up in a year or something like that. I'm...
  14. nomore55

    Gorilla mounting tape, Heavy Duty, 30 lbs

    We've been discussing modifying mounts or doing our own customization/creation for our detectors. Recently I purchased a couple of these "permanent" mounts for the Uniden detectors. Some have expressed concern about hot weather and the double-sided 3M tape letting go. I bought this Gorilla...
  15. nomore55

    Quebec: car safety system(s) triggering Spectre?

    Someone posted this on the Audi forum: :(
  16. nomore55

    Custom wood cabinetry by Escort ??

    Spotted this Escort at Cars 'n' Coffee this morning inside a RR Ghost:
  17. nomore55

    Lexus introduces anti-LLH technology

    I suppose it's April Fool's kinda stuff. Good idea, though.
  18. nomore55

    AET in MA: coming in 10 days

    The AET (all electronic tolling) begins in 10 days here in MA. They're going to attempt to have all the toll plazas removed by Thanksgiving. Nice summary of toll increases/decreases in the news bit...
  19. nomore55

    Laser latch time with Uniden detectors ?

    Has anyone measured the laser latch time for the Uniden (LRD950) detectors? I've had a 2nd encounter with actual police laser where the detector sounded for a long time ... seemed too long. This was on the Garden State Pkwy heading south on Saturday. I was just north of Exit 135. I could see...
  20. nomore55

    Road Trip: NM > AZ > NV

    Guys, I'm on a road trip beginning in Sante Fe and departing from Las Vegas at the end of the month, much of the travel along I40. I'm trying to decide which detector to carry. Will I encounter traffic flow sensors in these three states? I'm leaning towards taking the Uniden w/1.37 and...