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  1. AllspeedJeff

    DragonEye Compact False

    I think having the 2 outer heads brought out slightly could solve your problem. I’m in agreement with you about direct sunlight effecting your heads and causing false alerts. @Jag42 mentioned that the G3 heads are more sensitive and that the engineers are working on a fix.
  2. AllspeedJeff

    DragonEye Compact False

    Are you going to have the installer change the orientation of the bubbles on the heads? Meaning both heads with bubbles in/out?
  3. AllspeedJeff

    Laser Alert Continually

    What type of vehicle do you drive?
  4. AllspeedJeff

    G3 & VPR test against TruSpeed S

    @raqball So happy that your setup tested well. The install looks great and now you know that you’ll be well protected
  5. AllspeedJeff

    Valentine V1 Gen 2 using Moto G Power can’t see then screen with Polarized Glasses

    Same here. Moto G Power and no problems at with my polarized sunglasses 1633038942 Are you running JBV1 in light or dark mode?
  6. AllspeedJeff

    V1G2 Does Not Detect LTI Truspeed S

    I can confirm that the G2 does not detect the TSS and the Gen 1 will detect it. As mentioned before though, either way detectors are not the right tool for laser.
  7. AllspeedJeff

    Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome to RDFORUM @cybrnook. Fellow Michigander here.
  8. AllspeedJeff

    MI. to Baltimore, MD and back withR7

    You can run JBV1 in standalone mode.
  9. AllspeedJeff

    TMG 2 head with VPR Kia K5 GT

    I truly think that this setup will give you the best results. I have a feeling that the installer that you found may not be a good fabricator and just not comfortable cutting your grille. I managed car audio shops while I was in college and most of them had some amazing installers that could...
  10. AllspeedJeff

    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    Do you have the WZSabre plugin installed?
  11. AllspeedJeff

    TMG 2 head with VPR Kia K5 GT

    Just FYI @raqball, the cost of my upper from the dealership was less than $100. I kept my original and cut up the new one
  12. AllspeedJeff

    TMG 2 head with VPR Kia K5 GT

    Have you considered putting all 3 heads in the upper grille? That’s what I did on my Charger and it performs outstanding.
  13. AllspeedJeff

    Review: Carven 5-inch exhaust tips for late-model Chargers

    I’m ordering them right now.
  14. AllspeedJeff

    V1G2 (round 2)

    Best of luck @raqball. Hopefully you have a much better experience this time around
  15. AllspeedJeff

    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    I bought a new to me Moto Power G that lives in my daily specifically for JBV1.
  16. AllspeedJeff

    Releasing a new detector without arrows

    The main reason is price. Going from a single horn to a dual horn is much more expensive and not everyone needs/wants arrows.
  17. AllspeedJeff

    Radar countermeasures heaven found

    Welcome to the forum @theraven1. If you’re loving your current setup, the V1G2 will be a huge upgrade from the V1.
  18. AllspeedJeff

    V1 hard wire issue now

    I’m thinking that you don’t have proper ground
  19. AllspeedJeff

    V1 hard wire issue now

    @wood78221 did you run a whole new cable up to the detector?
  20. AllspeedJeff

    Uniden R4 Initial Test Results

    I wouldn’t be on the forum if it weren’t for @Vortex. I’ve watched all of his videos and have spent wayyyyy to much money since doing so. Vortex, please keep doing what you’re doing because so many of us absolutely appreciate everything that you do.