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  1. Lars36

    Chips on the way?

    More chips coming soon for Theia?
  2. Lars36

    R3 from Florida to New Jersey.

    Well Well Well. Nope, it ain't for me. I cut my teeth back in '95 on the V1. And why did I buy the V1. Can you say Arrows! MV was a smart man. I was completely lost w/o the arrows on the R3. R3 is great for just around town, not on a road trip. So with that confession out of the way, on to...
  3. Lars36

    No great deals for Memorial Day RL360C

    Just finished a tour around the WWW and found the RL360C @ some ridiculous prices. Anywhere from over $800 all the way over $1000. Guess the cobwebs will be in my wallet awhile longer.
  4. Lars36

    Funny thing happened in my living room.

    So I'm sitting in my living room had my V1 on connected to JBV1. Just checking some of my settings and working with JBV1 so I can get a better feel and understanding of this amazing App. So I'm checking my settings and going over the App. Next thing I receive an alert on the JBV1 App for a...
  5. Lars36

    Hopefully a lesson in history?

    So please excuse me if this has been discussed already. But since I joined the forum and this forum has really peaked my interest in RD's once again. So what I've found out that VR came about in 1983? Police Lidar came around 1989? But I'll assume PD's didn't start using this sometime much...
  6. Lars36

    How to check firmware in DualPro 360

    Would someone please point me in the right direction on how I can check my firmware on my 360 I just received today? Thanks for your help with this matter 🙏
  7. Lars36

    My New Bad Boy has Arrived.

    My new Cobra Dualpro 360 has just been born and I'm the proud new Dad. So I'll post a few pics of the new baby coming into my home 🏡. Also have the ad on Blendmount adapter coming to day. Have downloaded the i Radar App. Post pics then off to the DualPro play ground.
  8. Lars36

    Up with the R3

    Removed mount for V1 and installed mount for my R3 today Can't wait to try this bad boy out.
  9. Lars36

    OMG - Found my old V1

    Wow, digging around for a mini USB cord so I can update my R3, I found my very 1st V1. Bought 04/14/1997. Paid $249.00 P&H $14.00 Total $263.00. I still have it, missing the volume know. Serial #1053960788. Still fires 🔥 up. I believe that I sent it in for one or two updates. Then I bought a new...
  10. Lars36

    If anyone is interested.

    Redline 360c on this website. One left. $749.95 Plus 10% off for 1st time buyers. This is as good as my Military Discount of 10%. I'm not in the buying mode as I just bought 2 additionally RD'S with in the past month. FTSpeed is the website.
  11. Lars36

    All sold out.

    Well, Well Well, OMG, thank God I bought my R3 a couple of days ago for the sale price. All gone, none, zip, 0. The shelves are empty. Check out Ebay or Amazon or do a Google search.
  12. Lars36

    Can I use the same connector?

    I'm using a Blendmount w/mirror tab for my V1. I'm very interested in buying the Rendenso XP. It was highly recommended by Vortex. Will the connector for the V1 work for the XP? Thanks for your help with this matter 🙏 Much appreciated.
  13. Lars36

    1st Foray w/JBV1

    Went out to the recycling center off of SR40 this morning, also had to take something to a friend of mine who lives on the other side of town. So I decided why not try JBV1 for the 1st time. I like it, but it is going to take sometime to learn all the ins and outs of this great App. Had a...
  14. Lars36

    1st time out.

    Coming back today from having my V1 Blendmount and mirror tap installed, I had my first hit on my Gen2, a Ka hit going West SR40. Ocala fl. FHP facing west in a marked car shooting @ cars coming east. Picked it up about mile and a half away. The usual spot where they sit. Have seen unmarked...
  15. Lars36

    It's Here!

    Well it's finally arrived. WOOT WOOT! Next up, Blendmount install w/mirror tap.
  16. Lars36

    What I need to do in Virginia

    So for me it's been a while since I've taken a road trip from Florida to back home in New Jersey. When I got to Virginia, and this many years ago, I would, 1 unplug my V1. Or 2, take it down from my windshield but leave it plugged in. So now with the new updated V1 Gen2 what I wanted to know...
  17. Lars36


    Newbie here but long time V1 owner. I haven't been using my RD very often, had a Nissan Leaf, couldn't go far and don't want to go to fast to use up your battery. LOL. But thats been traded in for a 2021 Nissan Altima Sl. Which now I even have a spare tire. LOL So now I'm back in the game...