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    Redflex Camera Van vs Vertical R7NZ

    Morning encounter went pretty well, enjoy the save. This is a vertically mounted R7 running at 100% sensitivity, K filter On and TSR Off. To keep the K falsing reasonable around town I run Quiet Ride at 50kph. I suspect the Redflex radar was bouncing off the metal rails on the other side of...
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    GPS interference can be caused by HD cameras

    Thought i would log this potentially useful bit of information as increasingly all our radar or laser units incorporate and depend on GPS operating for speed based functions. May be useful for another RDF member to be able to search on that a close-by HD dashcam might potentially interfere with...
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    Wellington NZ user

    Hi, have been looking at the wealth of info on here and after tuning things are keen to contribute. Running a Escort 9500ci for Ka band (5 and 6) purely for 34.7 detection, and a custom installed remote DFR7 vertical for Redflex K band (segment 1) and speed/red camera alerts.