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  1. The Pope

    Update Fail

    S8+ When I first connect to the CPU, the app shows that it has 8.14 installed, but is it??? as I got/get the error message every time I attempt to install a update.
  2. The Pope

    Update Fail

    Most (well it's what I've seen reported) issues are with Samsung phones........
  3. The Pope

    DragonEye Compact False

    Just out of curiosity..... do you have any other electronic devices (ex. cell phone) close to the TMG CPU? (spit balling here, as some phones have been known to interfere with radar detectors when they were too close.)
  4. The Pope

    Raleigh Police Using Laser

    Yes! Bigtime!!!!! Granted I was being tagged by the officer and IF I was doing +PSL it would have been just a "you're getting a ticket notification".
  5. The Pope

    Raleigh Police Using Laser

    Was hit yesterday bay Garner PD in a curser on Hwy 70 as I was driving east near the ABC Store. They were parked just past the Honda/Yamaha shop. The light at the ABC store ought me and right before it turned green for me, the officer pulled out and went about 1/4 mile east and pulled into...
  6. The Pope

    Raleigh Police Using Laser

    Garner (south of Raleigh) has/had a Motorcycle Officer that uses laser during the warmer times of the year. I've seen them camped in the media of Hwy 70 Business and on Timber Drive (between Hwy 50 & White Oak Rd.). Also, stings have been setup right off exit 306 onto Hwy 70 East, with one...
  7. The Pope

    Bring wireless Carplay or Android Auto to most any car!

    I just use my phone with a Ram-Mount X Grip....... Ram-Mount makes larger X Grips and other mounting options for larger devices as well....
  8. The Pope

    TMG 2 head with VPR Kia K5 GT

    Just seeing this post and like the upper placement as well, along with getting a second grill to modify. Now, don't modify the grill PRIOR to doing some testing. Heads can be TEMPORARILY Mounted with double sided tape. This way the head placement can be adjusted during a testing session. Once...
  9. The Pope

    Newer testing?

    But I wasn't there....... and you know how I like to operate the DE!!!!!! :mmmsmug: :mmmsmug: :mmmsmug: We've got to get another testing session setup!
  10. The Pope

    AL Priority vs TMG

    I didn't read what @Vortex had posted almost 1 year ago, but I'll respond to @Lucky225 comment...... It's a know fact that Algorithms get updated from the supplier over time. In this case, it's feasible & probable that the supplier was able to develop and release an update to mitigate the...
  11. The Pope

    Durango SRT head placement

    I'd suggest placing the VPR in the upper center of the grill. As long as there's not a Direct Line Of Sight from either of the two lower heads with the VPR head, I don't feel that there should be an issue with being closer than 21". With that said..... Testing will be the only way to verify...
  12. The Pope

    Why aren’t 4000k LED interior lights popular in the US?

    @rwsmith123 have you checked for LEDs? I've gotten LED from them for my 2014 Infiniti Q60, but I wanted Red for my interior and I'm not sure what the K rating is for the ones that I got.
  13. The Pope

    Motorcycle TX rear install spot

    I like the extended mounting bracket/plate that I believe that you're suggesting. If so, I'd use the two Rack Bolts that are already there to attach the bracket/plate. I'd also put 4 holes in the plate, two for when the Top Box (3rd Box) wasn't there, so that the TX could be pulled back to just...
  14. The Pope

    2021 Audi A6 TMG Placement Suggestions

    No!!!!!! LE should NEVER Be Used For Testing!!!!!!!!
  15. The Pope

    2021 Audi A6 TMG Placement Suggestions

    I like the Red/Green configuration, but testing is the only way to verify the performance.
  16. The Pope

    TMG Head Placement Question

    @usna93 , as it has been mentioned before, the red locations would be better for DE. Now to your question about low mounting...... There have been issues with "reflection" from the ground, I believe when heads are mounted too low. Now how low is too low, well.... testing is the only way to find...
  17. The Pope

    TMG Head Placement Question

    I like @sdrawkcaB suggestion. I'd start with the red location and then test the setup and adjust as needed.
  18. The Pope

    Update Fail

    I wanted to bring this subject back to the top. My TMG is still asking for the update every time I power it up. It's like the UTD switch is stuck on, in which it keeps asking for the update (even after resetting). Also, when I connect to it with my Samsung 8+, it shows that it has 8.14...
  19. The Pope

    TMG Gen3 heads with increased sensitivity.

    I'm still running G1s and I could definitely get with @VariableWave & @Kennyc56 to test them out!
  20. The Pope

    Carolina Squat or Not !

    I remember back in the late 70's - Early 80's here in NC laws being passed regulating the Height of the Front & Rear Bumper on vehicles and the Maximum Height from the ground that the Headlights Could Be. All of these were aimed at lifted 4x4 Trucks. The reason given for these two regulations...