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  1. wirelessandy

    Best Radar Detector?

    Windshield mounted detectors are still mostly designed to plug into your 12V "cigarette" port. Some come with a straight cord so you can wire it into your vehicle's 12V system. Basic knowledge of automotive 12V power helps, like location of your fuse panel.
  2. wirelessandy

    ALP control box updated today 5.6.7/9.3

    that makes sense
  3. wirelessandy

    Why Max 360c when for a little more you can get Redline Max 360c?

    Wait for the "Vortex Edition"
  4. wirelessandy

    ALP control box updated today 5.6.7/9.3

    I usually wait for the email. Are we no longer getting emails?
  5. wirelessandy

    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    It's been forever since I've updated a Uniden. Do you need the power cord plugged in? Or just a good USB cable?
  6. wirelessandy

    New Uniden FCC ID Uniden R9

    I wonder if it'll have R4-like antenna bits. LNA?
  7. wirelessandy

    Escort MaxCam 360c vs. the competition on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

    I am very surprised by the performance. Not just a novelty item.
  8. wirelessandy

    V1G2: dreading the startup

    A silent startup sequence option would have been nice! Edit: I just remembered... YEARS ago with the V1g1, I built this crazy rig that automuted the startup. Once 12V was applied to the detector, a timed relay would tap the mute button via the 4-conductor cable. No I don't remember the pinout...
  9. wirelessandy

    What is Escort Announcing/Releasing 09/22/2021?

    Maybe it's because the presentation will be recorded with a MaxCam 360!
  10. wirelessandy

    What is Escort Announcing/Releasing 09/22/2021?

    Whatever it is, it'll have "AI" and financing will be available.
  11. wirelessandy

    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    A convert here for a phone that lives in the car, since I was able to figure out auto power up and shutdown.
  12. wirelessandy

    Radar Detector Wars, The DS1 Strikes back. More Forward Facing Ka Testing

    You had me at "Radar Detector Wars: The DS1 Strikes Back" Future tests: The BSM Menace Attack of the LIDAR Revenge of the LNA A New Detector Return of the Rocky Mountain Radar The Firmware Update Awakens The Last J-Out The Rise of the Batman Detector
  13. wirelessandy

    Uniden R4 Initial Test Results

    R4! What's next?? Sorry I was late:
  14. wirelessandy

    K40 Platinum100 Review

    Outhouse is too fancy.
  15. wirelessandy

    ALP Power - Blue and Green?
  16. wirelessandy

    usb cable

    I for one will be over the moon when all detectors can be updated via USB-C (like the DS1).
  17. wirelessandy

    usb cable

    As you can see, I've actually put a label on mine: "Good for data/FW" so it doesn't get lost in the junk drawer. Edit: If you're using a Mac, be aware that the Mac version is especially fussy. I just use a Windows machine.
  18. wirelessandy

    usb cable

    If you're using a "junk drawer" USB cable, you may be out of luck. We have discovered that if you find a good one, label that cable and set it aside for firmware updates. Don't lose it! For some reason, the R7 (and other detectors) are really choosy about the quality of cable you use. Here's...
  19. wirelessandy

    Inside look of the worst Prolite ever

    I will bet some corrections had to be made after Buford sent the PCBs out to be etched. Was probably cheaper to make the junkyard mods instead.
  20. wirelessandy

    Sugru Question

    My own two cents: If you buy a packet or packets, be aware that the stuff has a definite shelf life, like bread. I've bought packets to save for later, only to have them go bad (hard) later on, all by itself, in the package.