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  1. mrdead72

    Tmg question on the manual info

    So ive had this since inception , but i have yet to get it to do what the manual says it does , so im trying to ask anyone or jag if it even does this or not , so the manual says it will jam for 4 seconds then 1 minute of receive only , but i have yet to see it do this , The manual says it does...
  2. mrdead72

    The original R7 !!

    Haha, joke but maybe you never know !!
  3. mrdead72

    Is there someone here that makes the 3D alp brackets

    Hi i was wondering if anyone here can print up and make 2 of the alp adjustable bumper brackets and a tx one ? And a price tag , pm me if so Thank you
  4. mrdead72

    New to v1 , found a long lost v1 !!!

    My neighbor came over and saw my r7 with arrows and brought bk a memory of arrows he once used and he dug out a v1 and gave it to me , it has no face or knobs , its on version 2.8.9 or 289 , if anyone has a broken v1 and can part with face and knobs let me know im interested , ck out picture to...
  5. mrdead72

    Sensor ports in series or parallel ??

    Series for all that may not know , i updated to the new firmware , note i did not do a system ck test before this update , so today i decided to ck my sensors , nothing zero response from 3 heads , so i pulled a plug out of the second port a single head , still nothing , pluged it bk in and...
  6. mrdead72

    Redline ex setup

    Just wondering what u ex users run as setup . My setup up is Ka 2,5,6,8 on K 1,2 on X off Tsr off Rdr off Ive since noticed when i turned k 3,4 off its been very quite while still picking up police running k band still in my area , not much but a few older vehicles , i dont run into it much...
  7. mrdead72

    What do the pros think of mivue 788 ?

    I settled on a mivue 788 , was wondering what you guys think or not think of it , its my 1st , and i just read so dam much about so many and settled on that !!
  8. mrdead72


    Just wondering if anyone has tested one of these ?
  9. mrdead72

    New to rdf but not the rd and lazer game !

    Hi guys