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    Dedicated phone for V1 on bikes

    Did you put the phone on your plan or do you have it connect to your main phone over a mobile hotspot? I was considering getting a dedicated phone for the bike to keep my nicer phone in a safer location (tank bag or under the seat).
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    V1G2 / 2017 Ninja 650 Setup

    I'm anxious for details!
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    V1 Gen 2 durability on a bike

    I've only logged about 600 miles with mine in fair weather, but it's been perfect so far. Long detection range (earliest warning on KA so far was over 1.5mi out) arrow indicators work as expected, including the rear arrow. The real test is going to be how well it holds up against long term...
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    V1G2 / 2017 Ninja 650 Setup

    Hi Everyone - I wanted to share my setup...hopefully this helps someone. Connections: Cardo Packtalk Bold <-> Android S10 (JBV1, Waze, Spotify, etc) <- V1G2 Bike: 2017 Ninja 650 Mounts: RAM MOUNT RAM-B-176-A-UN7 Fork Stem Mount with Short Double Socket Arm and Universal X-Grip Holder RAM...
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    Hi Everyone - Long time lurker, first time poster. Been using CMs for the last 20 years on cars. Currently learning how to apply CMs to a motorcycle. Mostly used Beltronics and Escort products. As I figure things out for the bike, hopefully I'll be able to post what I learn and give back to...