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  1. KIYOjammer

    KIYO VTX950gps detector (brand new) for sale

    KIYO VTX950GPS Radar and Laser Detector with pre-installed FULL EUROPE GPS database The newest product of KIYO TECHNOLOGY is the best windshield type Radar and Laser Detector with GPS support currently available. This high quality KIYO device had been developed to detect the European radar...
  2. KIYOjammer

    ESCORT 8500ci Plus GPS Antenna

    Hello Guys, I need some help. I sold a used Escort 8500ci PLus on ebay. The buyer messaged me that the RJ11 plug is cut off from the GPS antenna. (it's a bit weird for me, because we tested it and it was ok, but I try to help him) Does anyone have Escort GPS antenna and show me which color...
  3. KIYOjammer

    Lidar tester - Test your jammer!!!

    Test your laser jammer with KIYO lidar tester. The device can emits the following European Lidars: ARH CAM S1 SCS 103 Fama II Fama III LTI TS2 Price 32€ + shipping
  4. KIYOjammer

    Brand new : KIYO Ultimate Advanced Protection laser jammer - for sale!!!

    KIYO ULTIMATE ADVANCED PROTECTION - for EUROPEAN MARKET!!! Completely Stealth Laser Jammer is becoming a trend Laser jammers usually consist of an indoor central unit (which must be placed under the dashboard), some kind of sound- and light indicator (LED or a screen, which must be placed on the...
  5. KIYOjammer

    TMG Alpha 15 - European Algorithm

    TMG Alpha 15 (2021 model) - for European market 2 or 4 sensor version!!! Brand new laser jammer Alpha-15 Laser Jammer- The world's first smart laser jammer European Algorithm Works together with laser distronics (especially with new AUDIs) Detects and jams ARH CAM S1, TruCam, etc...
  6. KIYOjammer

    KIYO ProPark 3 laser jammers for sale

    KIYO ProPark 3 - 3 sensors - 90USD Multipurpose Defense System PARKING - DEFENSE - DETECTOR The newest member of the KIYO product family, which is an excellent active signaling device. With the 3 sensors, it can give front or rear protection for a normal-sized car. What is in the Box? 1...
  7. KIYOjammer

    Hello from Hungary

    Hi Everyone, We are the manufacturer of KIYO laser jammers from Hungary, and we are the European TMG Exclusive partner. If you have any question don't hesitate :)