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  1. nomore55

    Speed Sign - No Alert

    PWM vs a continuous wave:
  2. nomore55

    Purchase an R3 with the R4 due out soon?

    The R3 will go down in RD history as one of the greatest all-around values, ever!
  3. nomore55

    R3 Noisy in North Jersey

    I've mentioned many times here how bad K band falsing is on my R3 as I pass thru NJ from north to south and back. Even with the device set to CITY, the K band falsing is basically intolerable. Sometimes the passengers force me to turn the detector off :(
  4. nomore55

    Uniden R3 - South Easter Europe

    Mr. C, welcome to the forums !!
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    Hello From Ohio

    Jay, welcome aboard!
  6. nomore55

    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    Are radar detectors really a significant chunk of Uniden's overall business? Or, just a tiny piece few know/care about?
  7. nomore55

    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    Certainly an interesting developement!
  8. nomore55

    Oakland County Sheriff - K Band

    Agent, CO is traditionally carbon monoxide or Colorado. It should read something like C/O which is supposed to indicate constant on radar. I/O would indicate instant-on.
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for mm5

    MM, welcome aboard! It does sound like you'd want to consider laser defense in your overall program.
  10. nomore55

    Uniden R7

    Cuban, welcome aboard !!
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    K Band Frequency

    My town is K band exclusive. I see two of their units at 24.068 GHz and another at 24.072 GHz. Has Honda moved the frequency they use (to torture us with falses)? I've been behind a number of very new CRVs over the past month or so and am picking up nothing on my Uniden.
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    Hello from Derek Miller

    Derek, welcome aboard! I'll agree with thanks and suggest you add at least one more layer of protection!!
  13. nomore55

    Laser false on R3

    Low angle sun shining directly at the detector can cause laser falses, haven't really seen it with the Uniden. The most common source of laser falses in my own cars is the cell phone and its IR sensors, Paul.
  14. nomore55

    MA state police to quit over vaccine mandate !

    Yeah, it's a weird angle for them. Definitely an LOL story.
  15. nomore55

    MA state police to quit over vaccine mandate !

    ‘Dozens’ of Massachusetts troopers line up to quit over COVID vaccine mandate Some state troopers are saying they will quit rather than get a vaccine. By JOE DWINELL | [email protected] and AMY SOKOLOW | [email protected] | Boston Herald PUBLISHED: September 24, 2021 at 7:22 p.m...
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    3m tape where?

    I bought this a couple months ago on eBay: Genuine 3M VHB #5952 Double-Sided Mounting Acrylic Foam Tape Adhesive from seller m2-racing That seller has varying widths. I've never had this stuff give up, but my "heat" my not be as intense as your heat. You can also go to one of the major auto...
  17. nomore55

    MI. to Baltimore, MD and back withR7

    There are definitely speed cams and red light cams in Maryland. VVaze is another reliable method of detecting them before they detect you! Ohio is tough, in many ways. A good place to be paying close attention, Dave.
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    Sparty Introduction

    Sparty, welcome aboard !!
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    Hi, I been on the forum since 2012 but now need help!

    WMO, welcome to the forums !!