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    It's me

    Welcome. Curious why you bought that? Did you research? What caught your eye about it?
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    New Uniden Update tool is available (R Series)

    Do we know it does that? Vortex latest video said you can do the update but there is change to features or improvements?
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    Hey there forum! from New Mexico

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    Any iPhone users planning on switching to the Pixel 6?

    Nope never change from an iPhone.
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    G3 & VPR test against TruSpeed S

    Thanks for testing. Solid results on that gun.
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    Hi from Wellington NZ

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    V1G2 taking a break... my thoughts since launch day

    Hey @raqball There was nothing about the V1 Driver I didn't like, it was great. I just wanted to change to another RD and didnt need it anymore.
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    V1G2 taking a break... my thoughts since launch day

    @jdong Thanks for the honest opinion! With some of the drama here at times, that took some balls… I am an iphone user and when I had a V1 I ran it with V1 driver and it worked great. However once I moved away from using a phone with an RD, I much prefer that setup. As was noted here earlier its...
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    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    Not everyone but brands Attowave has contracts with.
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    New inmate

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    Been a while since I've been on the forum

    Welcome back.
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    Uniden Acquires Attowave

    Wow didnt see this coming. Very interesting, tend to agree with the comments above, if they make money off the other units that will continue but Uniden’s branded products would probably get all the best performance.
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    Greetings from Canadian capital

    Welcome from Vancouver.
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    Can they be used without an Escort RD?

    Thanks @6thgear. The option of not running wires through the firewall is interesting to me as I consider a new vehicle. How do you like yours? Are you happy with the protection? If facing DE can you run 3 heads up front?
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    Can they be used without an Escort RD?

    Thanks…@smason. I would be some reading up on them.
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    Can they be used without an Escort RD?

    I dont know much about these, but wondering if they can be used without an Escort RD? We have some very smart and creative people in this forum, wether its writing unique location based software to an R7, 3D printed head mounts and recently custom magnetic mounts for the new Radenso DS1 to name...
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