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  1. infiniti

    ALP installation advice for Tesla Model Y Performance

    I need some expert ALP install advice for a 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance that I'm about to acquire. (1) Are the head locations suitable? (2) Where the #&*$ can I find a switched 12V wire in the refresh / latest 2021 still in factory? (3) How do I get through the firewall upfront safely? (4)...
  2. infiniti

    For sale external post (sattire): Max 2, beat up for 300.00

    Can’t post on external links in the for sale section due to insufficient privileges. It was going to be sarchastic anyway, so maybe this is a better spot. Incedently, what do you need...
  3. infiniti

    How can we help with Theia?

    @Jon at Radenso , realizing that COVID has set you back a bit and that we need your freakin radar detector ASAP, is there anything we can do in the forum to help move things along? Testing? Researching? Reviewing menu layouts? We’re game and excited. You essentially have a much bigger team...
  4. infiniti

    Custom Car Icons in Waze

    Anyone tried to create custom car icons in Waze? I think you could swap out the .png files, but I can’t seem to find them. Is it that f’ing hard to get a black or gray sports car icon??
  5. infiniti

    MRCD falses now more common after update

    In the last few weeks, I have, for the first time ever with my Netradar DSP system, been getting multiple MRCD falses on my commute trips in Columbus. One yesterday in the Sam’s club parking lot. to my knowledge, we don’t have MRCD at all and not in a parking lot. Never been able to visually...
  6. infiniti

    Ambiguous post.

  7. infiniti

    Need help troubleshooting BT module

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a BT module that I no longer can see from my phone. It disappeared. Here's what I've tried: (1) Power cycle (2) Reload fresh config file from USB (3) manually check all power connections (4) test out multiple phones (resetting BT settings one of them) There is no...
  8. infiniti

    Inexpensive cell phone for android auto

    I currently have a galaxy s6 to run android auto on my car’s hotspot - giving me waze, maps, tidal, google play music etc. I have three primary issues: 1. It’s slow 2. It has no SD card slot to download music, creating delays and significant streaming data use with Tidal 3. It isn’t the latest...
  9. infiniti

    Waze on carplay AND phone “Reports Ahead”

    Just wanted to share an idea with you all. I used to run waze through apple CarPlay and leave my phone in the armrest. Recently, I was running it with my phone out on a mount and I found the “Reports Ahead” screen. If your waze settings are only set to alert you to police, this screen will give...
  10. infiniti

    Ongoing requests for Vortex YouTube videos

    This thread will serve as a place to capture suggestions, requests, and ideas for future Vortex' YouTube videos. What would you like for him to cover or address? Ideas?
  11. infiniti

    Best adhesive tape to mount RD mount to plastic trim

    I've had luck with several different adhesives sticking on my windshield. For the Jeep Wrangler, I want to actually mount it on textured plastic trim above the window (R3 with uniden adhesive mount from ebay). I cleaned it thoroughly, used 3M red tape and then it stuck for weeks. Hot as hell...
  12. infiniti

    Scanner recommendation for Ohio / WV / NC

    I live and primarily drive in Ohio, but often travel through WV and NC, occasionally through PA and NY. OSP is my primary interest, with local traffic patrols a close second. From Radioreference, I see we use a MARCS-IP Phase I system. Ohio Scanner Frequencies and...
  13. infiniti

    Laser system testing Central Ohio

    I have been loaned a laser ally from a forum member and would be happy to partner with anyone who’d travel to this are to test their systems. Please reply here with interest and we can coordinate a meet up.
  14. infiniti

    Montana vs. Ohio

    good Lord, I've done nearly 2000 miles in Montana in the last few weeks and was clocked two times - one Ka 34.7 and one k band near a national park. I would have been clocked nearly 100 times in Ohio in the same number of miles. Wow. Driving in other areas reminds me of how bad it is driving in...
  15. infiniti

    Memorial day weekend: Ohio 60, WV 1

    Not sure what more to say... Been driving over seven hours yesterday ending at 1am through Ohio and WV... About equal time. Passed 60 LEOs in Ohio, all the way up to our final exit at 1am with disco lights and a customer. 3 lidar trap parties. In three hours in WV, I saw one with no lights on...
  16. infiniti

    ALP, DSP (now dual head) = excellent trip

    I traveled for the last three weekends across multiple states for soccer games, graduations, etc., and I am thrilled with the ALP with DSP setup. I now run in City yellow on the interstate to minimize false alerts and the DSP is quiet as can be. I also recently added the rear DSP head for...
  17. infiniti

    Cars and coffee Columbus

    every Saturday morning. Anyone make it?
  18. infiniti

    DSP profile reverts to A after restarting car

    Many times after turning the car off (overnight, going into a store, etc.), I get back in and my galaxy s6 reconnects through Bluetooth to my ALP system and the display shows A or A Highway (even when I was running B city). Any suggestions on how to keep it in the profile selected when running...
  19. infiniti

    How to update NetRadar DSP?

    How do I (1) know that there are updates for the NetRadar DSP, and (2) update the system? @BestRadarDetectors ? (Note: I'm asking about firmware updates, not configuring the system.)
  20. infiniti

    Lidar testing near central ohio?

    I have a new setup that I'd like to test with some tough guns. Anyone have guns and interest to test? Also, happy to test your setup. I'm able to travel a bit as well.