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  1. Spearscrue

    Bellevue, WA Installation

    The TMG controller itself has a pwr + and a ground wire - you can mount your controller anywhere you would like example: on the side of your center console, on the panel beneath the steering wheel by your knees. Ground the ground wire to a good ground and use a fuse tap to tap into a ignition...
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    Hello world!

    Welcome.. I am of no use on the subject of MRCD because we don’t have it in my area and hopefully never will.
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    Welcome that’s a mighty fine fleet of detectors you have there!
  4. Spearscrue

    Radar Detector Recommendation for woodwkr2

    My wife runs the R7 and I run the RL360C, I initially started out with the R7 so I have experience running both, I personally don’t think you can go wrong with either unit, I think the BSM filtering is better on the RL360C and tests show it has a tad bit more range but is it worth an extra $300...
  5. Spearscrue

    Radar Detector Recommendation for woodwkr2

    You have quite a few options. Do you prefer arrows or not? With a budget of $1000 and a windshield mount, you can pretty much take your pick. Arrows = R7, RL360C or V1G2 or if your not into arrows check out Radensos new DS1 or Uniden will be releasing their new R4 shortly. Myself I prefer arrows...
  6. Spearscrue

    R7 update 140 is out

    To bad they didn’t do any modifications to it.
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    Good morning world

    Welcome.. I hear y’all don’t have to deal with K Band out there, would love it if it were that way here also.
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    RL360C is it working ?

    @John RD if you have used it for 10 months with no Ka alert, I would without a doubt say it’s bad and send it in for repair. What is the penalty for being caught with a detector in Ontario? We live about 20 minutes from the Ambassador bridge and visit Canada maybe 3-4 times a year, we just go...
  9. Spearscrue

    RL360C is it working ?

    How long have you owned your RL360C? What kind of radar does your local cops use Ka, K, X ? Is this your first radar detector? I can’t speak much about Multiradar thankfully I don’t have to deal with that. Have you checked your settings to make sure that you have the appropriate bands you need...
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    Bellevue, WA Installation

    I do not but if you are somewhat mechanically inclined and you have a vehicle with a front end that’s not to difficult, the TMG install is not that hard.
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    Welcome to the forum. With all the positive testing I see done on the DS1 if it had arrows I would buy one myself. Nice choice!
  12. Spearscrue

    R7 int vs nz

    Welcome to the forum and the R7 is a good choice.
  13. Spearscrue

    DS1 questions, for those who have had theirs for a few weeks

    Can’t speak about a DS1 but I will say if there is one thing I don’t like about my Escort RL360C it’s the display, it’s to dim and to small.
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    Introduce yourself

    Welcome @bullfighter99
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    Hi There!

    Welcome @Anatolia
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    Welcome to the forum, you can learn a lot about counter measures here.
  17. Spearscrue

    Why Max 360c when for a little more you can get Redline Max 360c?

    Agree. The RL360C and Max360C offer pretty much the same offerings in settings but the RL360C has superior performance over the Max360C. I currently own a RL360C and a Max360 and at one time also owned a Max360C. I for the most part like Escort products, I can’t say I agree with all their...
  18. Spearscrue

    Recommendation for Detector on a 2017 2WD TRD SPORT Tacoma

    I agree with what @RadarScout said. I owned at one time a 2016 Toyota TRD Sport and used both my R7 and RL360C in it, I happen to can’t be without arrows so my vote is for either the R7 or RL360C you can’t go wrong with either. I can’t speak on the V1G2 because I haven’t owned one but did at one...
  19. Spearscrue

    Why Max 360c when for a little more you can get Redline Max 360c?

    If you don’t have WiFi in your vehicle save some money and get the regular Max360 because performance between the 2 are identical. TBH I would almost bet that Escort is probably done supporting both of them, highly doubt we will see anymore firmware updates for either of them. Neither of them...
  20. Spearscrue

    Redline 360c Detection in OH

    No not all Cobras are bad. I just wanted to use that. Lol!🤣