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  1. alloy00

    V1G2 Mute Question - with a bit of V1Driver

    Caveat #1: No such thing as a stupid question, right? Well, I'm pushing my luck around here lately I believe, oh well :) Caveat #2: I am NOT trying to make this a "V1 vs ____" thread. But, I will need to reference other products. Here goes: On other detectors/apps (E.g. Escort and Uniden...
  2. alloy00

    V1G2 Honda BSM Punch Through in Advanced Logic

    There is a different thread about V1G2 ghosting - but that's rear and Ka. This is front and K so I figured I'd start a different thread. Last night, I was driving with Capital "L" Advanced Logic (wife in car, as you will hear :) - though I saved you the aftermath of me trying to explain...
  3. alloy00

    Would We Use Highway Radar for iOS?

    So as most of us know, @ferius created and continues to develop an awesome app which allows for customizing Waze info and integrating flight tracking, etc - for Droid only! Several of us have expressed interest in an iOS version - while ferius doesn't dabble on the apple side of the world, @m3o...
  4. alloy00

    R7 Press Release on

    This is not linked from anywhere else that I've found, nor dated (other than it's in the April 2019 releases). Only info I found odd is MSRP listed at $649.99. Still not finding the R7 in the products section, but at least the R7 is somewhere on! Uniden Delivers Performance from All...
  5. alloy00

    Full Back Cover R7 Ad on C&D

    Usually @PointerCone is first to these, but Uniden has the back cover of Car & Driver this month. I don’t receive R&T, MT, etc. - curious how much other prime real estate Uniden bought.
  6. alloy00

    Interesting Falsing from New (2018?) MDX

    I was in the vicinity of an MDX today, it had a new temporary tag on it. Of course it set off the R3. Interestingly, it set it off at 24.183. That can't be right I thought! "All Acura/Hondas" false at 24.195 - 24.200". So I followed it around after setting the R3 in Highway mode. Sure...
  7. alloy00

    Anyone Else Get a Hanover Research "Consumer Electronics" Survey Invite?

    I did, just took it. It's pretty obviously from Escort. Perhaps they should have sent this out about 2-5 years ago... it showed three designs and asked which you prefer - one was an even more Redline EX; the second was an over-exaggerated LRD/DFR shape; the third was sorta an iPod...
  8. alloy00

    "Up to $65 off select Portable Radars + Free Shipping..."

    Anyone else get the promotional email with this subject line? ER has fallen so far even THEY don't know the difference between a radar and a radar detector!!! @protias oh my!
  9. alloy00

    Double-Bad News - If you own an EX you are a beta tester; TSR required for IVT

    1) Per ER, TSR On IS required for "increased" (any?) IVT performance on the Redline EX 2) Per ER, if you already bought an EX it was part of a "soft launch" and they "appreciate" the feedback. I thought anyone who called...
  10. alloy00

    New Escort iX's Deeply Discounted on Woot Today

    It shows them as New, not Refurbished. This is 30% off MSRP. Hmmm... selling slow? Getting rid of inventory to make way for something else?
  11. alloy00

    R1 & R3 Latch Time

    Has anyone tested the R1 and/or R3's latch time? How long/short is it?
  12. alloy00

    1500+ miles w/ DFR7

    So, I drove nearly 1600 miles this weekend with the DFR7 as my only CM (along with Waze). Color me impressed. The entire trip, settings were K/Ka/Laser on, K Filter on, X off, TSF off, Ka filter off, GPS enabled. There were three falses: - One K-band BSM alert from an Escalade - One...
  13. alloy00

    Waze 4.9.0 is Out for iOS

    Waze 4.9.0 is out for iOS today. Interesting for our international friends: - In countries where average speed camera zones are enforced, Waze now helps you drive safely within the speed limit and avoid speeding tickets. Get alerts where average speed cameras are located and track your...
  14. alloy00


    Plugged in a Serial Number... and V1 update shows it would update the RD to V1.86. Pretty sure V1.85 was most current even a week ago. Either I missed something, or Mike V has snuck in another incremental update. Can anyone tell what the difference is? Or have I been asleep on this one?
  15. alloy00

    An RDFGS for RD's vs. BSM/CAS?

    When it comes to our discussions regarding how each RD does against various BSM/CAS'es, there are too many threads to even mention. Here are just a few:
  16. alloy00


    I would know how to do a double... but could a triple fit in here well? Calling BestRadarDetectors :)
  17. alloy00

    "Big" Waze Update Coming Soon

    It doesn't look that different to me but at least the Police Spotted alert is still there.
  18. alloy00

    On Memory and Processing in Radar Detectors

    I'm not sure who can help answer this because I'm not exactly sure what the question is :). But I believe jdong, Nine_C1, Vortex, Hügel66, and/or Stinger might be able to provide input. I'm curious as to how memory and processing speeds are vital to how a radar detector does and doesn't...
  19. alloy00

    More Max/2 Silliness from Radar Roy

    Got an email from ol' RR today. He asked if my radar detector was in reality a new car detector due to the proliferation of K-band BSM systems. If your answer is "yes", his solution is the Max/2! :laugh:
  20. alloy00

    Cheap HotSpot - Giving Ting a Shot

    In my never-ending quest to find a cheap but reliable mobile hot spot I landed on a Ting vs. Karma debate, and settled on Ting. Costing me approx. $55 up front ($45 for hotspot and $10 for sim card; then will cost me $9/mo). Karma is $150 for hotspot and 1 GB and then $14/GB (no time limit...