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    VR Telephone service Suspended

    I just tried toi call VR after my V1G2 bricked during the latest update. All telephone Sales and Support are suspended until further notice due to Covid related staffing issues. I hope that I can get it re[paired fairly soon. The recording said that sales orders would be fulfilled but it did...
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    Upgrade Crash

    I just tried to update my V1G2 to the latest firmware and it lost the Bluetooth connection part way through. The RD now only shows an a with some random characters and a down arrow. No audio at all. It will not resume or restore since the program on my iphone can't connect to the V1G2. Has...
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    Hello from New Jersey. I am using a V1 Gen2, a R7, and a Max 360c. Great forum!
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    Greetings from New Jersey