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  1. BaileyAB

    Police using 77GHz

    I read traffic enforcement equipement will still be on 24GHz.
  2. BaileyAB

    First ALP Encounter or False Poliscan?

    Last vehicle you passed was the source of a poliscan alert.
  3. BaileyAB

    Config file not being saved

    New USB. Make sure to have proper name file.
  4. BaileyAB

    Edmonton and surrounding area enforcement

    Not possible since there are so many spots out there and many others emerging so I d suggest to trust Waze or JBV1 even better. I dont see time and effort put in writing addresses in some thread since there s going to be like a thousand addresses and its going to be pointless. Better to buy...
  5. BaileyAB

    Pushing sweeps on the V1Gen1

    My sweeps: Sweep 1: 34.578 - 34.770 (34.7) Sweep 2: 34.774 - 34.833 (34.7) Sweep 3: 35.364 - 35.630 (35.5) Sweep 4: 34.623 - 34.770 (34.7 narrow) Sweep 5: 35.423 - 35.571 (35.5 narrow) Sweep 6: 34.623 - 34.770 (34.7 narrow) Running it since 2016, always over PSL + 20-30mph. No pull overs...
  6. BaileyAB

    Using your own Radar/Laser Detector to test if your TMG is actually firing.

    Taken with LG G7 normal cam mode.
  7. BaileyAB

    RJ-45 2 Port Network Switch

    @BestRadarDetectors , I have in my hands bluetooth version 1. Can ver1 bluetooth module work with HW4? If yes, I would need instructions as ALP shuts off immediately after I pull control set from it to plug in bluetooth and with bluetooth only in I cant seem to turn it on. Would this switch...
  8. BaileyAB

    Considering TMG VPR System

    @tekingduck , I also agree with others. ALP is the way to go. I d start with (since your vehicle is a small size) : 1TX black + 1RX front 1TX black + 1RX rear ALP HiFi I strongly believe you ll be JTG JFG with this setup. I live in YEG. Forget TMG.
  9. BaileyAB

    Can not connect to JBV1 since yesterday July 8th 2021

    this made my day. I thought hardware broke so i d have to buy new one :) thank you. cheers.
  10. BaileyAB

    Can not connect to JBV1 since yesterday July 8th 2021

    Hi @johnboy00 & guys, since yesterday I can not connect to my JBV1 app via V1C connection. 1. I have LG G7 latest Android version (I havent updated my phone for several months). 2. Blue light is blinking on V1C dongle. 3. Today I successfully unpaired V1C connection from my bluetooth list and...
  11. BaileyAB

    TMG Laser Jammer placement on F250

    Lots of shinny chrome mega reflective surfaces you got there that will help any lidar gun lock in instantly. I would personally plastidip in black all this front chrome no matter what LJ I d run. Good luck with it.
  12. BaileyAB

    Audio shop/garage ALP installed this on RS7

    The installer is well known in the Alberta supercars community He swears Dual ALP will defend against Dragoneye on a sedan. He said he only does triple setup on trucks as sedans are not "wide enough". Client is eager to participate in our next CACTG meet up in about a month with two or more DET...
  13. BaileyAB

    Audio shop/garage ALP installed this on RS7

    Naaah, I am just a fellow enthusiast.
  14. BaileyAB

    Audio shop/garage ALP installed this on RS7

    Hey guys, so here is a front dual ALP setup on my clients RS7 installed by one renown audio installer in Edmonton area in 2017. Customer did not state he wants them installed behind the grille. It was purely installer decision which I claim was a terrible idea and execution. Please let me know...
  15. BaileyAB

    Lifelong V1 User, very disappointed in the customer experience

    I turned down numerous 500usd offers for my V1G1 3.8952 since G2 is still unavailable and I dont mind Mike offering only 100usd as a trade in program. Its a business, if you are to lazy to put an add on craigslist marketplace etc then just trade it in for 100usd. No hard feelings. FYI, I cant...
  16. BaileyAB

    Where is Theia?

    Hard to believe chip shortage is real when all other major electronics brands keep throwing new models out.
  17. BaileyAB

    Where is Theia?

    Hi guys, you all probably know by now I like to ask straight forward questions and I came to the point where I am going to ask where is Theia and why it s been so long since the announcement of it to the vaporspace we are in right now? I personally dont have anything against Theia or Radenso I...
  18. BaileyAB

    Anyone Tested ALP Fw 5.6.6.

    @edconline tested it for sure hahahahaha