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  1. R4D4RUS3R

    Waze users

    Any plans for the future that would include the ability to see other Waze users like you do in the app? ... One of the things I miss from the app itself is seeing the number of other users on the road. I might be in traffic with really one or two other users in the app, not enough to have...
  2. R4D4RUS3R

    Auto V1 Mode

    What modes are you using if you use this feature. Also, are you using the speed limit option. I have have using Advanced Logic for the lower and All Bogies for the upper with speed limit application. I wonder if this should be Logic for the lower. So, if you use this what are your preferences?
  3. R4D4RUS3R

    Car on shoulder

    Do you guys use this feature? Around here, especially on the weekends, there will be enough cars on the shoulders to fill the map screen. In landscape at least. I’m kidding a little but not exactly, we seem to just have too many so for now I turned the alert off. Am I going to miss out on anything?
  4. R4D4RUS3R

    V1G2 with V1C LE

    Searched but did not find what I was looking for. I have a V1G2 and purchased the V1C LE so I could use both my iOS device with V1Driver and JBV1. My plan is to have V1Driver connect each time I get in and out of the car to the G2 but use JBV1 as needed so I dont have to leave my Android device...
  5. R4D4RUS3R

    The V1G2 is so good....

    ....I think I am going to go back to my R7. Hold on, this is not a dig, it really is so good I think I need to install it in my wife’s car. It’s been so quiet and the V1Driver app does such a good job marking repeat false alert locations my wife could use this. Nothing against her Pro M but this...
  6. R4D4RUS3R

    Do you log Ka?

    I turned on the setting to drop ignore pins but I’m curious how many of you log those? I see I can open the map, filter by the pin type then delete so I can clean them up after a while. Just curious.
  7. R4D4RUS3R

    Valentine one start up

    This is an old thread but is there no way to turn off the start up sounds on the V1G2? I am coming from Uniden which give you the option to stop the sounds on start up each time you get in the car. I want the detector to just power up, no need for the sounds each time. Sorry to bring up an old...
  8. R4D4RUS3R

    Acura MDX - ALP Front and Rear

    I know you guys love Acura but even Acura drivers need to have a plan. Ha. I will be a few months before making a purchase but like to start planning early. I am planning for ALP, (2) RX and (1) TX in both front and rear. I dont know that rear is a requirement at this time but if I’m asking for...
  9. R4D4RUS3R

    Decided to sign up.

    Looking to get a detector for my wife I found Vortex on YouTube. He kept referring to this forum so I thought I would have a look. After reading a while I decided to get my wife the Uniden R3 (and one for myself too). I was originally looking at the Uniden DFR9 at Costco but in the end with all...