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    ham license?

    I’m not ready to fully dive back in so I have a BaoFeng UV-82 coming so I can at least listen in on the local repeaters again. I had to talk myself down from the mountain wanting more features that I dont need at the moment. I fully expect this to be a radio that gets left in the car or around...
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    Welcome! I have had both of those and miss the R7 the most. I would like to play with one again since they added the auto lockouts but its all good.
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    Welcome to the forum. I rarely focus on the bogie counter and just focus on the alerting in general.
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    Long time lurker, newbie member

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you are ready to update the old V1.
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    Do you guys bother about not getting Waze points?

    Two phones are a pain. One lives in the car doing nothing but JBV1, the other is an iPad mini mounted on the dash. I use Apple Maps for my navigation. My dedicated phone stays put at all times and does its thing letting me know what’s up. A few times its alerted me of a parked officer while the...
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    V1G2 modes?

    It’s the suggested mode for V1Driver by the developer. It allows the app to do more of the filtering vs the V1.
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    A Settings Pictorial for Quiet V1G2 - DC Fluid

    Instructions to load the file should be the same as on the JBV1 Quickstart I used in the early days.
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    Sad Day

    We live in what would be considered a good area with very few issues to worry about. Car break ins however are probably top of the list here, they check the doors to see if they find an opportunity and often do. Neighbors will post the news. I have not heard about broken windows so its so far...
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    ham license?

    When I started out I earned the first basic license pretty easy and jumped on the local repeater talking with locals. When I made extra, you did still need morse code knowledge to pass the test. I didn’t know until I read it above that requirement has gone away. Interesting but does not surprise...
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    Hi mewbie

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Apple will scan your iPhone photos for child abuse material if you enable iCloud Photos

    This is not a general scan of your photos taking place. This is a feature that you enable if you wish on child accounts as part of family sharing and its looking for photos from a database of marked photos. It’s not looking at photos trying to guess the image, the database is provided to Apple...
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    IoTDataWorks 64kbit SIM (or other dedicated phone options?)

    I use about a gig per month on my dedicated device. Its on an unlimited plan which seems like a waste considering the small amount but I would have a similar issue as you if I had a smaller plan.
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    My fun this morning...

    I just put tires on my wife’s SUV yesterday because of a bubble in the sidewall on one tire. Pretty sure I was in the car when it happened. I mentioned it after it did and she told me to shut the F up. “You always have something to say about my driving”. Ha. I really dont try to have things to...
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    Wzsabre plugin

    Welcome!. As a user myself, its not too shabby.
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    Operation Southern Shield 2021

    I guess I got lucky. I was in FL last week in a rental with no detector and drove 85-90 to keep up with the flow. Ha. I did have Waze but felt naked to say the least but it was a good trip. Did about 350 miles in the week with no issues. I did see enforcement and did see people pulled over but...
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    First Time Post, New Member! Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from WI

    Welcome to the forum. I have not heard the difference in the software but between the two choices, I would go with the R7. I had one for a while before switching it for another brand.
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    Radenso DS1?

    I know its not THE product but it sounds like an interesting product. We only have a few details but its coming from the same group that makes the R7 right? R7s not perfect but it is a top contender currently in many categories so with a product designed in cooperation with Radenso I can imagine...
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    I struggle defining the "best" radar detector or anything else

    I dont think a best recommendation is required but people are looking for it. When someone like yourself has access to so many detectors at once and follows the market as well as you do, its natural for people to expect you know best. You very well may but saying it may not be in your best...