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  1. CPB

    [SOLVED] Any server people? Supermicro with LSI 9205-8i HBA won't initialize when certain bays are occupied.

    Server: SuperMicro CSE-846 24 Bay SAS2 BP Server w/ X9DRi-F/2x 6 Core E5-2620 HBA: HP H220 6Gbps SAS PCI-E 3.0 HBA LSI 9205-8i P20 IT Mode MPT2BIOS- This is my home media/nas server running TrueNAS...
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    Subaru Forester Sports XT, STi conversion thread

    The long term goal for this car has always been to eventually do a full STi swap. About a year ago slightly over 200k miles my wife's TD04 in her Forester XT was beyond bad with the turbo seal dead and shaft play horrendous, so we swapped in a used STi VF52 and my old OEM STi intercooler. The...
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    Saab 9-2x Aero, STi conversion

    Buddy and LeMons team mate of mine spun a bearing in his daily 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero. He doesn't have a lot of free time, so asked Subaru to quote the engine replacement. They told him $10k. I had already told him he should just replace it himself, but the sticker shock got him on the DIY path...
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    Monitoring the skies works.

    Just a quick one. Driving on I-20 near my neck of the woods. Exit 101 to 103 stretch shows a small plane operated by State of Louisiana, also cop car is marked on Waze. Coincidence? Nope, I text a trooper that went to college with me and ask him if Troop F has a plane. He tells me they have a...
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    PIP is great, but what about Android Auto?

    Right now I use tasker to auto-launch Waze when I drive. Phone sits in my center console, so Highway Radar sits in PIP mode so I can see it easily. I've been debating replacing my older pioneer touchscreen headunit with an Android Auto unit. However will this application still work or does it...
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    Fremont Police Tesla Runs Out Of Battery During Pursuit I used to be against electric cars, but I can definitely get behind law enforcement use.
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    Who here is selling their M3 Sedan Conversion? Ok, come clean. Who is it?
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    Buy a third head or is another head in the works?

    ALP has that smaller 3rd head specifically to help with the dragoneye. Is something like that coming for TMG or should I just go ahead and get a 3rd head for additional front coverage? The additional security of a 3rd head seems worth the small additional investment to me at this point.
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    "Due to the overwhelming response to our Summer Drive Event, we are unable to respond to e-mails..."

    Emailed Escort about 3 weeks ago for some customer service, since staying on hold for 20minutes wasn't working for me. Just received this today via email. "Due to the overwhelming response to our Summer Drive Event, we are unable to respond to e-mails at this time. For assistance, please call...
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    IROAD? IROAD DASH CAM – Qualified Video Recorder Of Vehicles Blackboxmycar announced they are going to carry these soon, but is it something worth waiting for? Has anyone imported one before, as I see them on amazon.
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    R3 Quiet Ride only available >=50mph?

    Hopefully I am doing something wrong, as I was going to set my quiet ride to something low around 25mph, as I do drive in the city. The menu was only doing increments starting at 50mph. Is this correct or am I missing some lower speed options?
  12. CPB

    Ninja RD without remote unit

    So I'm loving my Uniden R series, and my wife is starting to get jealous. She is on a Escort Smart Radar, which she picked out specifically since she could hide the unit behind her rearview mirror and have a remote display mounted on the mirror. I saw has some remote displays...
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    Dashcam that can withstand the surface of the sun aka summer in The South

    I run an el cheapo Rexing dashcam in my car and it doesn't have parking mode. However my wife babies her car and is unable to park away from people at work and wants one with parking mode. I'll wire in a battery pack, so no worries there. I keep seeing threads talking about the latest 4k...
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    Late intro thread

    Managed to never create an intro thread, so here goes. Countermeasure History I've been into radar detectors, police radios, and lidar jammers since I got my first "sports car", which to many is just a slow Honda. Like many I bought something from Walmart, this was around 2004/2005. I quickly...
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    Is a used Escort Max worth anything?

    I've got an Escort Max, purchased it right when it came out so obviously paid high dollar. It seemed like within the year blind spot monitors started happening, then a bluetooth add on smart cord was added, then a new Max2 unit. Essentially this unit quickly became abandon ware. It doesn't get...