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  1. ILS27L

    Lidar hit

    Well....I had my first confirmed Lidar hit/scatter with my R7. I thought it was some kind of false but low and behold about 1700' ahead on the shoulder (eagle eye wife) was a KCMO motorcycle cop with his Lidar gun. I could not believe it. I have video of the encounter but my Viofo V3 has all my...
  2. ILS27L

    A119 V3 - Videos play really fast

    Gentlemen. I have purchased a Viofo A119 V3 and installed it. When I take the memory card from the camera and play on my PC the videos are playing back super fast. Is there a setting I'm missing in the camera? It does this fast playback in VLC and WMP.
  3. ILS27L

    Map color

    Is there a way to change the map color ? My map is blue and it is very hard to read any roads. Thank you in advance.
  4. ILS27L

    No sound

    Maybe I'm missing something. In Settings-Sound-Police alert sound only the Cli-cli-Blep-blep-Ding-ding work. Are the other sounds supposed to work ? I have 'Play alert sound as alarm' on along with any other sound settings I can find. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. ILS27L

    12 o'clock high

    Finally saw one in the wild.
  6. ILS27L

    Unication G4-G5 user

    I have a Uniden 436hp but was wondering what your guys thoughts are on the Unication G4 or G5. I know they are not "scanners" however I have seen the YT videos with the Unication next to the 436 with the 436 missing several transmissions. Plus I don't scan that many depts. That is the problem I...
  7. ILS27L

    Vascar in NKC NOW

    MSHP doing vascar in North KC NOW.
  8. ILS27L

    Vascar North Kansas City Mo. NOW

    N81MP working North Kansas City Mo right now.
  9. ILS27L

    Vascar KC area at 10:00am

    MSHP setting up vascar somewhere in the KC area at 10:00am today. Heard them on the scanner this am. I will update if I can find out where on Flightaware or other means.
  10. ILS27L

    Interesting read

    Interesting read about speed cameras in Ohio town. Ohio town must pay back millions of fines collected from speed cameras, court rules
  11. ILS27L

    Question about Max 360 updating

    I am giving my Max 360 to my son in law. Will he be able to update the defender database ? Giving it to him so I can get an R3. :drinking::drinking: Thank you. --- Post updated --- Also....Will he have to use my credentials for EL ?
  12. ILS27L

    Hello from Mo.

    Just signed up. Been lurking for a while. Max 360 owner and new Max 360C owner. Please be nice. Looks like a lot of RD passionate people here.