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  1. Dukes

    CarPlay 2 air?

    Has anyone used this before? I’m considering getting one. Kinda pricy but it looks convenient. Mostly interested in hearing if the audio streaming is clear and doesn’t drop.
  2. Dukes

    How to mute memory MRCD signals

    A few have asked so I thought it would be helpful to make a video showing how you can mute memory MRCD signals. Go into your detector settings and change the mute memory options from X & K (Default) to X, K, Ka. Once enabled you can lock out MRCD signals.
  3. Dukes

    Uniden R7 1.29 - MRCD Testing

    Alright, I just did some quick MRCD testing with the R7 and firmware 1.29. I was hoping to do a comparison between the R7 and the Pro M but the MRCD operator moved and I ran out of time. So I was only able to complete 1 Radenso Pro M run. However, I will be doing a more throughout comparison...
  4. Dukes

    Speeding ticket quashed after driver argues he only sped to pass someone
  5. Dukes

    Uniden R7 and Radenso Pro M vs MRCD

    Alright, I did 3 runs per detector against this MRCD trap. My plan is to attempt and do 3 runs every time I encounter an MRCD vehicle for the next week using the Pro M and R7. Here is the MRCD trap from today. Detectors: Uniden R7 City Ka and K band on Ka narrow K wide Ka filter off TSF...
  6. Dukes

    Uniden R7 - Falcon HR K band testing

    Another early morning where I snuck out before the kid got up! Today's test was just the R7 since I wanted to see the difference between Highway and City mode. Low powered Falcon HR is super deadly on this off-axis course! Big thanks to @Heywood for lending it to me! Course: Radar Gun...
  7. Dukes

    Uniden R7 external speaker test

    So just thought I would create a new thread as I've seen a few people who are interested in using an external speaker with their R7. Uniden R7 internal speaker: Uniden R7 with an external non amplified speaker: Uniden R7 with an external amplified speaker (Escort brand speaker): What's...
  8. Dukes

    Uniden R7 vs MRCD

    Excellent detection! More testing to come :)
  9. Dukes

    34.7 off axis testing - Uniden R7

    So I tried testing on this course yesterday, but I had two LEO's set up shop and started using I/O! So I snuck out of the house before the kid got up early this morning and managed to get some 34.7 off axis testing done. I tested the R1 and R7 with MRCD on and off for this test. Look back at my...
  10. Dukes

    My ALP speaker died

    I think I get hit with so much LIDAR my speaker finally died lol....Driving through a DragonCam trap today and was getting ready to JTK but hesitated because I had no audio alert. LED flashed normally so I drove home and took apart my install. Confirmed it was just a speaker issue. I've had...
  11. Dukes

    RDF Geographical Survey - CANADA

    Green = RD & LJ are legal / Red = RD and LJ are illegal Canada (Federal) -> Provincial -> Municipal Canada -> Royal Canadian Mounted Police Provinces: Alberta Canada -> Alberta -> Alberta Sheriffs Branch Canada -> Alberta -> Calgary -> Calgary Police Service Canada -> Alberta -> Camrose...
  12. Dukes

    Radar detector boxing week sales

    Some pretty awesome boxing week deals for Canadians at Visions. Sale Ends: 2018-12-30. Radenso Pro M - $548.00 Canadian Radenso Pro M Radar & Laser Detector with MultaRadar (MRCD) Detection (PROM) Uniden R3 - $448.00 Canadian Uniden R3 Radar Detector with GPS...
  13. Dukes

    Uniden R1 and R3 - MRCD thread

    Here are some MRCD runs if you guys are interested in seeing it in action (beta fw): As mentioned in @Vortex Uniden 1.46 FW video, there appears to an MRCD unit in Edmonton operating below 24.050 which means that it will not alert to those units. It's been hard to confirm if there are more...
  14. Dukes

    New Edmonton Redlight and Speed camera locations

    There have been 20 red light and speed cameras added in Edmonton. They now appear on the intersection safety camera locations map which means they are now active. News article referencing new cameras - Map...
  15. Dukes

    CACTG - 34.7 and 35.5 Off Axis testing - Uniden / Radenso / Escort / Beltronics / Net Radar

    Alright, had a busy morning with CACTG (@wrxsti15, @schissler, @edconline, @BaileyAB)! Huge thanks to all these guys (@wrxsti15, @schissler, @edconline, @BaileyAB) who drove out and helped immensely with this mornings testing! @BaileyAB has more results with other detectors that he will share...
  16. Dukes

    Edmonton Redlight/Speed Camera locations

    Careful out there, there are installing brand new Redlight/Speed cameras not marked by any app or map. This one isn't even on Waze yet. 153 ave (westbound) and 97 st.
  17. Dukes

    35.5 Off Axis testing - Uniden / Radenso / Escort / Net Radar

    Here is a quick 35.5 off-axis test with the Uniden R1, Radenso Pro M (version 1), Radenso Pro M (version 2), Radenso RC-M, Escort Redline (Original), Net Radar DSP. The Net Radar DSP and RC-M are externally mounted with a completely unobstructed view in my grille. Some great results by all...
  18. Dukes

    "average speed cameras could make B.C.'s roads safer"

    I really hope they don't implement these type of cameras..... How average speed cameras could make B.C.'s roads safer
  19. Dukes

    Capturing MRCD data

    Kinda cool, found this video of a company collecting MRCD data.
  20. Dukes

    Tesla Semi truck

    It has a 500-mile range on a single charge and 400 miles of range on a 30-minute charge. 0-60 mph in 5 seconds! That's pretty impressive.