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  1. TonyPHX

    Detector Tools for Escort

    I wanted to give a heads up that the newest version of detector tools for Mac works EXCELLENT. I had problems with previous versions, but just tried the latest and greatest, and was able to update firmware and defender database with no errors. (I was already on 1.8 and wanted to re-do it...
  2. TonyPHX

    This was a new one for me with EL and R360c

    Not sure why this happened but it took a power cycle to clear it. jeez lady
  3. TonyPHX

    Rattle Explained?

    So saw this post on Youtube in the comments on @Vortex 's newest review of the R360c. I had a rattle on a unit that went back and now thinking I could have fixed this without sending it back. I wonder if the poster of this is a forum member here? If so would love more info on this fix. My...
  4. TonyPHX

    I probably have given enough complaints. : )

    I know I am nit-picking devices and I have picked on the R360c a few times. Today I just want to say - this really is a damn good device. Well, at least the best I have owned so far. Just as I was about to let it rip on a wide open road, I picked up K-band ahead of me. Saw nothing, but knew...
  5. TonyPHX

    Windows Detector Tools

    Hello All, I wanted to flash my r360c so brought in in the house to hook up to a computer. I chose a clean windows 10 machine and installed the latest Detector Tools. It will NOT do the firmware update and each time says "Software Updates Failed to Complete" whether I do the "update all...
  6. TonyPHX

    R360c with Firmware 1.7, new behavior?

    Since having 1.7 installed on the R360c, I have been experiencing a lot of single beeps, followed by "Stored" on the display. I just do not remember this happening when driving around on the previous versions of the firmware. It is doing this everytime I go down a main street near me with some...
  7. TonyPHX

    I-10 East to South Padre Island

    Just did a fairly long drive, Phoenix to South Padre Island, and wow. More radar on the highway (legit signals) than I would have ever guessed possible. The economy has clearly starved the police and patrol agencies to the point they are just broadcasting non stop radar for $ generation...
  8. TonyPHX

    Question about M1 camera and mounting

    Hi All, Before I dive in and buy a good/great dash cam, I wanted to check out the M1. Does anyone have a mounting example when used with the R360c and the blendmount from the mirror? I am not sure how that works when not using the Escort suction cup.
  9. TonyPHX

    Scottsdale Redflex Question

    Does anyone have a system or know of a way to know where Redflex vans will be parked in Scottsdale this weekend? I want to drive by and test my 1.6 firmware on the R360c this weekend. @Mad Hatter, any thoughts? I am itching to see what the detection range is now post update.
  10. TonyPHX

    My PS5 Experience

    So, what does a Sony PS5 have to do with Theia? Well - given I have two boys, both gamers, and I love the occasional game as well, I eagerly awaited launch day. Despite trying very hard and being ready on every store that handled it, neither me nor my wife could actually get a PS5 in the cart...
  11. TonyPHX

    Alright Escort - Let's get that 1.5 Firmware out for the R360c

    Not that boundless patience is not a virtue, but would really like to get some of the minor remaining annoyances resolved on the R360c. Let's get that firmware out into the wild so we can have a better iteration of the R360c. It is a nice detector, and so close to great. So close!
  12. TonyPHX

    My once in a while mystery - 24.070GHz

    Open to any and all ideas to finally get this source identified. At exactly the same spot on the freeway, but only heading in the Northbound lane, I get a brief ramp all the way up to full intensity, and a pretty quick drop off on 24.070GHz. Now, the mystery, it is not there all the time, so...
  13. TonyPHX

    Test device

    I searched the forum first and had not seen any discussion of this unit. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  14. TonyPHX

    Thank you @Vortex!

    Vortex, just like it only rains after you wash a car, we magically got Firmware 1.4 today for the R360c right after you posted your excellent videos on the operation of the R360c. You have a gift for making things happen! : )
  15. TonyPHX

    Escort Firmware 1.4 ETA?

    Hello All, I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about when we will be seeing 1.4 for the R360c? Any news or heads up on it? Also, the first person that gives me that crazy two weeks thing receives a laugh. : )
  16. TonyPHX

    R360c Lockup at shutdown

    Ok, after first thinking that this doesn't really happen a lot, I now noticed that three times today on drives I would shut the unit down via the power button and got this. It should not be affecting performance, but clearly something is not working right on the shutdown.
  17. TonyPHX

    One other good thing about firmware 1.3 / Redline360c

    I just realized that since getting my replacement R360c and loading 1.3 on it, that I have had absolutely zero laser falses. And I mean zero. I am neither paranoid (yet) or complaining. I was getting several laser false reports daily on 1.2, so this is a welcome change in behavior. Anyone...
  18. TonyPHX

    FCA/Dodge/Chrysler BSM

    All, I just wanted to give a heads up that my dealership just advised me that on my 2020 Dodge product, the BSM module was flashed due to a RRT (Rapid Response Transmittal) - Described as a service notification not involving a recall, where the module got flash reprogrammed to fix something in...
  19. TonyPHX

    Segmentation Question

    Hello All, I just want to make sure I understand this right as I may have been making some assumptions. On my Escort, when I have Ka enabled, that is considered Ka wide right meaning all Ka frequencies? Also, if I were to turn that setting to off, then enable all of the ten Ka Band Narrow's...
  20. TonyPHX

    New Database on Uniden support site!

    Grab it while it is hot! 1594938130 07/10/2020 1594938722 I may have been overly excited about that. It is just a database update. Not sure why I used exclamation points. I think the quarantine is affecting me in ways I have yet to define.