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  1. L4D44

    My Ode to the V1G2

    Sometimes you do stupid things in life (like sell your V1G2 and go with the Redline 360c instead). But it’s all about living and learning! Nutshell: the grass is not always greener on the other side! In order to truly love and appreciate something or someone - sometimes you have to walk away...
  2. L4D44

    Ka Segmentation in California

    In Southern California we have 34.7 (Ka-5) the majority of the time. Usually I only enable Ka 5/8 in my detectors. I know some add Ka 4/6 for protection against possible drifting (high and low). For the sake of Ka reactivity performance and possible Ka “falsing” I kept Ka-4 + Ka-6 disabled...
  3. L4D44

    Redline 360: Ka Alerts on Power Up?

    I noticed today that my Redline 360 started alerting to Ka band as soon as I powered it up in my garage. I previously saw the same behavior when I had the Max 3 a while back (ended up returning it for this exact reason). When I previously owned the Redline 360 several months ago, it never...
  4. L4D44

    DP360: How’s Ka Off-Axis & I/O Reactivity?

    @DC Fluid @Cobra Kai @Bossdad71 @DrHow How is the DP360 when it comes Ka quick trigger and I/O reactivity - along with Ka OFF-Axis sensitivity/range??? I know not many people have used the DP360 in their CM tests but from your experience(s), how do you think it ranks in those areas? I ask...
  5. L4D44

    DP 360 Latest Firmware?

    @DC Fluid @Cobra Kai Trying to update the DP360 via Detector Tools software and it’s updating to V1.2 but when I click on “update your detector with latest firmware” tab it proceeds to update the firmware once again instead of getting the YOU ALREADY HAVE THE LATEST FIRMWARE message that I...
  6. L4D44

    R7: Quite Ride(s)

    With the latest R7 update I’ve noticed there are 2 “quiet ride” settings options. First one is for K band. What’s the second one for? Thanks
  7. L4D44

    Brand New R7 for $360!

    Best Buy goofed on their price match. Probably some woke liberal behind the counter. 🤣
  8. L4D44

    R3 or Max 3 (If you had to choose)?

    What’s a better option as a mid-tier radar detector right now, the Uniden R3 or the Escort Max 3? I know the R3 is $100 cheaper and many here are not Escort fans for obvious reasons - but price difference and personal feelings aside.....WHICH IS A BETTER OVERALL DETECTOR (especially for Ka...
  9. L4D44

    Max 3: Good News & Bad News

    Let’s start with the good news: Larry is still around as he replied to my feedback email asking about the constant Max 3 Ka falses. Also a new firmware is around the corner BUT it only addresses “long decay rate” issue and nothing else. Now the bad news: Apparently they are either not aware...
  10. L4D44

    Segmenting K Band?

    Does anyone know which K band frequency (1,2,3 or 4) is SAFE to turn off for an even more quieter ride? I have 1-4 enabled, along with K Notch in a Max 3 I’m testing but I’m still getting k band punch throughs more often then I like. I’m in Southern California and I could disable K band...
  11. L4D44

    Max 3 better than Max 360?

    I know the Max 360 has arrows (rear horn) and it’s priced higher ($100) more than the new Max 3 - but is it a BETTER overall detector? I have some Beat Buy credit + 20% off coupon and debating which one to get between these 2 models. Currently testing a buddies Max 3 and other than Ka going off...
  12. L4D44

    Max 3: Ka going Bonkers on Power Up

    My friend lend me his new Max 3 to test it out and I noticed that as soon as I plug it in (while in my garage) I get a Ka hit immediately and it won’t shut up until I leave the garage. Never happened with any other detector I’ve owned (V1G2, R3, Mag STi) and including a couple of Escort’s other...
  13. L4D44

    My V1 Driver Settings. Any Changes Needed???

    Attached is my V1 Driver settings. I made a few modifications from the default settings. I have eSavvy set to 45mph and K band muted but I’m still getting a few k band alerts punching through when travel below 45. Living in Southern California K band is rarely used. I’m looking for the...
  14. L4D44

    $150 Restocking Fee? What the...

    Hi y’all. Long story short...I previously returned a V1G2 about 5 weeks ago due to the peeling of the faceplate. Last week I reordered the V1G2 again, but a family matter came up and I emailed VR requesting cancellation. I guess they don’t check their emails frequently or they may have seen it...
  15. L4D44

    What is used in San Antonio?

    Wife and I are flying south to San Antonio,TX tomorrow then renting a car and driving down to Alice, TX. I’m taking my Uniden R3 for the car ride portion. But I currently have it configured for Southern California region (x off, k off, Ka 2/5/8). Can I get some recommendation to what specific...
  16. L4D44

    Yes or No: Placing RD Behind Windshield Frit?

    Is it recommended to place your RD directly behind the windshield frit (black dots on glass) or will it hinder it’s detection capabilities and/or range? Also I’ve noticed that the frit retain more heat than the regular glass portion of the front windshield. Is this normal?
  17. L4D44

    V1G2 (disabling K Band; still need V1 Driver?)

    Thanks to @SquirrelMaster review and concealed display (on its way), I ordered the V1G2 (arriving Wednesday) but I would like to know the following: I’m planning on disabling K band here in Southern California as it’s barely ever used to justify it being enabled. With that being said, is V1...
  18. L4D44

    Sam’s Club : Brand New R1 ($190)

    Just a heads up for anyone looking to purchase a Uniden R1 Detector. It’s currently on sale for $189.99 w/ free shipping for members @ Sam’s Club. That’s $10 cheaper than Amazon right now (3rd party seller though). If you don’t have a membership you can get a 24 hour guest pass and they’ll only...
  19. L4D44

    New Redline 360 Owners: Ka Band Question

    Can fellow RLowners confirm the following please: Does the Redline 360c come from the factory with Ka band segmented to 2/5/8 out of the box? Thanks
  20. L4D44

    Is the RL360c’s OLED display prone to “burn-in?”

    I’m running mine on AUTO but it’s really dim. During the day it’s very difficult to read the display. Do Escorts OLED screens suffer from the same burn-in as the Uniden R1/R3/R7 or can you set it at a brighter level?