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  1. Smirnoff

    V1G2 Quality Inspection

    In regards to some of the issues being reported & discussed, can anyone elaborate whether the final product before customer shipping goes through a rigorous quality control and/or assurance process?
  2. Smirnoff

    Sticky Cup Change??

    Well, just took delivery of a new detector today and found out the unit will not lock on my (3+) existing sticky cups.....apparently, a change was made? Oh & btw: the "new version" cups are on backorder w/No delivery date.....appears they will be receiving another used detector soon, very.
  3. Smirnoff

    New & Improved 2014 V1......

    Now that I got your attention.....who started all these rumors? Anyone have more pertinent or factual information regarding the rumor(s).......:o