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    HELP! ALP install errors/warnings

    First power on, everything was good. After doing a "reset and learn sensors" I started getting "GPS antenna disconnected." I read on the forum that this tends to happen until you get your config set back up. Got the bluetooth module connected, successfully updated to 5.6.6, and used the...
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    991.2 2 heads vs 3

    Currently have the Carrera front bumper on the car (will be moving to a Sport Design bumper with much better placement possibilities sooner than later), which has the active flaps on each side of the bumper, leaving the front with not too many great mounting locations. Previous owned has holes...
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    Official Highway Radar iOS app development thread

    Having kicked off a journey to bring Highway Radar to iOS a few weeks ago, I thought it proper to create a thread for posting updates as I'm ready/able to share them. This thread is a continuation of the discussion/updates here, but will hopefully eventually include many more updates and...
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    Hello all!

    Long-time/first-time, as they say. I found this place as I started getting into road rallies and other driving events. I'm hoping to lean on your expertise as I get my ALP system installed and set up, but will be happy to share my own experiences as well! Currently looking into the Highway Radar...