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    EV batteries

    All fair points! The price has been my sticking point with PHEV and BEV's in general, I can make one work at least part way for my commute (65 miles round), but I'm not one for car loans and super stingy in general. I'm in the same boat as you, I'd rather just go full EV and then have my other...
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    EV batteries

    It's a good thing there are vehicles that are meant for longer distances with more advanced battery charging tech exists... the Nissan Leaf was never, and still is not, meant for long trips across multiple states. Ragging on EV's as a whole because you can't do certain things with a Nissan Leaf...
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    EV batteries

    I agree with a lot of what he says. I generally plan every fuel stop for the week or for road trips so I have something resembling "range anxiety" that's just active all the time. The longer charge/wait time might be an issue for someone trying to make good time on a road trip but with the...
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    EV batteries

    I feel like if you have a 125-175 mile round trip it might be helpful for some of the longer, flatter sections of the drive. I would have appreciated it when I had a commute that long (63 miles one way.) Based on recent reports I definitely don't trust "Autopilot" or "Full Self-Driving"...
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    EV batteries

    PHEV go brap. I'll definitely be interested to see if and when this technology takes off, but all the hoopla about "2x this" and "15x that" always puts my guard up. Always seems too good to be true. Thing that might shine with Tesla's (and others) on that commute is the assisted driving...
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    Post-Detail Purr (Tuned M235i)

    Wow that 535i E28 is stunning...
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    Rexing v1 4k. Recommend resolution?

    Waste of time running it on 4K, it has a 2K sensor in it (Omni Vision OV4689.) Lower resolution and lower framerate is your best bet in my opinion, 60fps on dashcams just bump up the bit rate of your video making the videos larger for very little gain. I'd run [email protected] or [email protected] and call...
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    Whats the next leap forward that is in the future?

    I would reckon that storage would end up lacking and the ability to do anything useful with that footage. The bitrate on good 1080p video is already pretty high going to 4k or even 8k would bump the amount of storage you need to have 10 minutes of footage would be insane and the time it takes...
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    I don't know how you managed to find the site... and took a picture of the site itself but failed to find the part... Your image comes from Japan Parts... order it from them.
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    Would you buy Radar Absorbing Paint?

    What would the use case of something like this be? Protection against I/O at close range from unmarked vehicles?
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    Is There a Way to Permanently Adjust the Map Zoo,

    The weather map will be super zoomed out if you have that overlay enabled, for the other overlays you can change it under the "Display" options, you can manually set the Default Zoom to "custom" or change the zoom using the circle radius.
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    What cars do you all have?

    These are so bloody hot, I've seen a handful in my area already and I'm in love.
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    New user

    Ohhh, I see, that's pretty awesome.
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    New user

    What's going on with the vortex generator (or running light thingies?) on your roof? Looks like they are shark fins for radio and other equipment?
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    R7 is still too noisy on K band

    Same, pretty happy with my quiet ride at 55 mph. I just run custom mode these days and don't use City or Highway Mode, not sure if I should be but I think I just got used to the BSM falsing, kinda keep an eye on what's around me and usually figure it out.
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    2021 Toyota Mirai

    Yeah it's a bit of a shitshow. There have been shortages on hydrogen on and off (I know a few people that own Mirais and complain about it.) I'm really hoping that they figure out how to get all the stations needed and the actual hydrogen supply needed to support more vehicles. I live smack dab...
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    The Genesis GV80 seems like it will be a good CPO deal in a few years

    Hyundai, Genesis and Kia products are turning out to be pretty damn good used market buys at this point, their reliability over the past 5-10 years has improved. They'll be great CPO buys at this point since they will still be well under warranty (10 year, 100k mile drivetrain warranty) and...
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    Thoughts on Prebuilt Gaming PCs?

    Gonna repeat what everyone else said already, pre-builts are the only way to new GPU's at this point unless you're willing to sit and wait for a really long time. I recommend Lenovo right now to those looking if they can find Lenovo, but builders like Cyberpower essentially do custom built PC's...
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    Highway Radar mystery

    Weather radar has been a huge one for me when I do road trips, always like to know what to expect ahead especially if I'm going up a mountain pass.
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    2021 Toyota Mirai

    Got the chance to drive this nifty thing at the local Toyota Dealership earlier this week. Definitely not a speed demon or even remotely fast, but the tech is pretty cool. The price a bit steep though... 68000 USD before incentives, tax credits and rebates.