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  1. L4D44

    R7 Custom Firmware! Development in progress. How you can help!

    I’ve heard there will be a R2, R4 and possibly an R8 to replace the current models. The R9 is a custom-installed remote system. Speaking of Uniden, let me say that they make the best damn RD in the market today. Bar none! I’ve tried all the top dogs (R7/R3, RL360 and the V1G2) but my R7/R3 are...
  2. L4D44

    R3 from Florida to New Jersey.

    CHP mostly run lidar in SoCal. 34.7 Ka is the next culprit.
  3. L4D44

    Gail from Cedar, are you still active here???

    Anyone surprised by her/their absence? Let’s just say nobody nowadays buys an Escort product for their amazing customer support. 😆
  4. L4D44

    Will MV ever include GPS on a V1 product?

    TBH I’d rather have MV add a frequency read-out on the display before a GPS. Really disappointed that the V1G2 didn’t include it. Oh well. I’ll wait 25 years until the V1G3 is released. 😜
  5. L4D44

    R3 from Florida to New Jersey.

    I use the R3 as my DD in SoCal (K turned off) and it’s a BEAST!!! I don’t mind the lack of arrows and I love running this thing without any stupid apps/phone. It’s small/discrete and just flat out works. My V1G2 has taken a back seat to my R3. Both are great detectors though and I wouldn’t sell...
  6. L4D44

    Thinking about selling my RL360...should I??

    Yes sell it. Cedar/Escort is a greedy, poorly-run company nowadays that doesn’t give a shit about their customers, especially the ones who’ve been loyal for many years! Wait for Theia or go for the V1G2 or a Uniden (R7 or R3). Better bang for your Buick with top-notch CS.
  7. L4D44

    Hate to ask, but

  8. L4D44

    [Poll] Is the Redline 360c worth $750?

    You and everyone else selling their RL360, V1G2 and R7 once Theia is released. It will definitely be a “buyers” market and I wouldn’t expect a high return on those detectors. JMO
  9. L4D44

    Suggestion: Theia component sharing program

    Hey Jon. Been out of the loop for a while. Hope you and your family are doing well and looking forward to the debut of your baby project. Wishing you and the rest of the Radenso folks the best of luck in 2021. I know you guys will knock it out of the park! 👍
  10. L4D44

    Why are V1G1's still selling high? Should I upgrade to V1G2?

    R1/R3 is right up there with the V1G2 - and is a better bang for the buck that’s for sure! I use my R3 now as my DD and I have zero regrets. It’s saved my bacon on several occasions and other than the arrows you’re Really not missing much compared to the V1G2. Don’t @ me with the JBV1 stuff...
  11. L4D44

    [Poll] Is the Redline 360c worth $750?

    Where’s the HELL NO option? Lol Check out @Vortex latest YT video about I/O reaction. The RL360 was an embarrassment - along with other Escort detectors like the Max 3 and the Max 360. The old but trusty Uniden R3 blew them out of the water. Escort/Cedar has become a joke, especially when you...
  12. L4D44

    RL 360c

    My issue with Escort/Cedar is not the insanely high price point - it’s the lack of prompt customer service. Too many great radar detectors out there from better companies nowadays to buy another from Escort anymore. JMO.
  13. L4D44

    IM waiting for the R9

    I’m waiting for the R11. Can’t wait!
  14. L4D44

    Max 3

    Please see post #1 and post #6 in this thread. The Max 3 is constantly falsing on Ka band. I have owned 2 new units and they BOTH did this. Many others are experiencing similar issues. This is one of Escort’s newest detectors and and not a cheap one at $400. This should not be happening but...
  15. L4D44

    Max 3

    Had the exact same issue with the Max 3 when I owned it. Tagged @JSherbondy multiple times and even DM’d him with no initial response. He replied back a month later telling me to email him, which I ended up doing, but again he never replied or acknowledged this issue. This is the difference...
  16. L4D44

    Uniden R7 on Amazon $374!!!

    Yup and no worries about getting a hair tie from BB! 🤣
  17. L4D44

    Uniden R7 on Amazon $374!!!

    Wonder why vendors are dumping their inventory. Maybe a newer model is on the horizon (R7v2 or R8)???
  18. L4D44

    Switching to Android and V2G2

    You’re upgrading on the V1G2 but downgrading on your smartphone. Personally I would NEVER give up IPhone/iOS for anything Android. I’ve used both throughout the years and iOS is the V1 of smartphone operating systems while Android is like the Whistler. 🤣 If you must run JBV1 then just get a...
  19. L4D44

    Apple IOS 14.5 Police reports!

    Exactly! Android is a dying, buggy, inferior OS - except in 3rd world countries. 🤣