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    Uniden Hardwire Kit to Power RL360C

    You will be able to power the RL360c, but mute and visual alerts will not function properly, if I remembered correctly, the mute may not work and you will have a constant blink alerts on the wiring kit.
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    Not really sure what your “No” was referring to which part of my posting. As I have said at the end, considering all the facts, it maybe not cost effective to have dual band implementation at this point.
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    There are many technical differences between 2.4GHz and 5GHz, I am sure those had been taking into considerations during engineering the radar detectors. For one, 2.4GHz has better penetration through various materials compare to 5GHz. Given there are various mounting options and different in...
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    Thinking about selling my RL360...should I??

    You might replaced your car before you seeing the Theia 😂
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    Leaving a RL360C in my car all day???

    Like other had said, I am using blend mount and usually leave it all the time. Only time I will take it off and put in away out of sight, would be if I found myself parked in an area not as comfortable as it appears. Otherwise, no issue whatsoever.
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    Escort Redline 360C Monday Updates

    The Monday morning defender database update is free for 90 days. The process is to store the database on the detector itself, so if you driving without WiFi connection, you will still get alert on red light and fixed speed cam as long as the detector has the gps signals and fix. However, if...
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    Escort Redline 360c Firmware v1.8 Release

    Consider it is made in Philippine, adding transportation by ocean freight. It’s quite normal. In addition, the firmware is generally initialized with chip supplier, before entering mass production, you may not see current version of firmware on production for quite awhile. This is common...
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    Escort RedLine 360C Going to Sleep

    As long as the detector receives GPS signal and you are moving, it will not going to sleep mode, it ONLY going to sleep if it is no movement for 20 mins. So, if you are moving and receive gps signals, but your speed displays as “0”, then it will entering sleep mode after 20 mins. There are two...
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    Redline 360c Aus / NZ version

    I have noticed it also come with the usb cable for international version. I guess that justifies the price difference from US version :p Also, Escort didn’t bother to change the picture on the box with PSL with kph instead :)
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    360C Multaradar false

    I have been running 2 RL360c, since 1.8 update, I do feel the MRCD/T false have been increased. I have also experienced twice that other member had reported to get M alerts with frequency displayed as “0.000”.
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    It makes HUGE difference when you telling other people were wrong regardless! Yes, it is Escort’s responsibility to make a product that will satisfy as many happy customers as they can. But others here with basic knowledges are helping you and trying hard to give you the same knowledge which...
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    Redline 360c updated from the factory?

    You can always do the update on computer, PC or Mac. WiFi just is a convenient way to do so. I have not heard the WiFi update bricks detectors. Just to understand, any method of update a firmware to a device, if did it wrong, that possibility is always exist regardless which way that you are...
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    Hey everyone, Gail from Cedar Electronics (Escort/Cobra) here

    You need to understand the WiFi connected and internet connected are two different concepts before telling other people were wrong! Frankly speaking, there are many technically knowledges individuals here had tried to help you to understand some simple facts in various discussion, but you just...
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    This was a new one for me with EL and R360c

    Just like every computer based product, once every so often, some processes may stuck in the memory, or geeks call it memory leak in technical terms, or program bugs met certain contrition that triggers a process loop. As long as reset can clear it, and not happened to often, I won’t concern too...
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    Can you connect the Redline to a Max Ci 360 control module and use their remote display?

    It will all depends on the display driver, how it has been integrated on either ci or 360c units. If the actually display matrix are similar then it might be possible. Otherwise it is unlikely as you will almost need to find the raw output from radar signal processor to feed the driver according...
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    M1 works with phone based on WiFi connection, not internet based, just a peer to peer connection between phone and M1, not associated with your carrier plan. The 64GB micro SD should be more than enough for normal use, given the current market, it is also with price/capacity ratio. M1 does...
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    No PSL on 2020 and Later GM vehicles

    There are lots of confusion on this topic and I will try my best to simplify this and give some ideas and share some thoughts. Fist thing first, when you are seeing a white square but no PSL displayed (on the road that had been displayed before), your detector is connected to the WiFi, but it...
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    EL SAVES? How many of us have had them??

    I had once. The issue is waze has a huge community while EL is very limited users base, so the chances for someone had be connected to EL while in your traveling route is much less than waze reporting. Sure there is always the time there happen to be an EL reporting but no waze.
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    First long distance trip with FW1.8 on RL360C

    One more thing, not specifically from FW 1.8, seems since FW 1.7, the GPS acquisition and sensitivities has been much better than before, power on acquiring GPS signal is much faster, especially after the units were off for few days. Also, it used to lose GPS signal a lot due to environment...
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    First long distance trip with FW1.8 on RL360C

    Today, I travel back from Wilmington, DE back to Cleveland, OH, and experienced nearly 7 hours of FW 1.8 on RL360c. Since I just traveled on the same route few days ago with FW 1.7, there were few things that is noticeable had changed. Arrow flipping: as @Vortex has noted, not the flipping...