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    ALP install on Mercedes W124

    I'm thinking about installing ALP laser jammers. Have just basic understanding of the concept. My car has a 1) narrow grill 2) that raises with the hood, so that closing the hood might stress the heads (?) 3) there is a vertical line in the grill smack in there middle, which will prevent...
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    Highway Radar mystery

    I just learned about existence of this app. All I could grasp is that it shows Waze and air patrol information. But any other meaningful details on what/how/why are not concentrated in a concise and clear manner anywhere... Just a myriad of threads with tens of pages covering episode #222 or...
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    Introducing my self.

    Male. 35 yo. Foreigner. Like to drive 15-35 over on freeways, based on conditions. Daily commute is 110+ mi, mostly multilane freeways. Own a Uniden R7