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    Ontario Man Charged With Driving 221KM/H

    I think this "Ontario man", "Florida man", etc is to avoid specifying race. Relatively soon it'll be "Ontario person" or "Florida person" to avoid mis-gendering
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    It's 11 am in Los Angeles right now. Past rush hour. Lock down and all. It takes 22 min to go 17 miles on 5 past 710. That's 43 mph. That's very fast, compared to before COVID.
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    The times we live in. Everyone and anything is getting banned. People get conditioned to expect that posting a link to Amazon listing might get them banned too. As populace gets used to banning, and it will only continue to grow. Really sad
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    Have you ever driven in a metropolitan area of Los Angeles or Washington DC? Permanent. Absolute. Total. Traffic. Day and night. My car had something like a 27 mph lifetime average speed when I lived in LA, and that's with me taking it on road trips to other states. If I'd drove only it within...
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    Those stats are fine for packed US urban areas. Los Angeles, Washington DC region, others where most of the time one can't even reach speed limit. Definitely not a car for Montana
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    No worries. Was just curious how it compares to home A/V industry. Thanks for the answers to other questions. Well, one last one: how many, very roughly, corded radar detectors above $300 MSRP are sold in US a month? It's it less than 10k units or several times more?
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    I understand. Different industries, different sales structure. With audio, majority of the sales are local (through installer). Then there 2 established online sellers with their own platform, and then there's Amazon and eBay. Ebay is where ridiculous prices are. Amazon tends to be more...
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    Really, that many? Hmm. I know that a very, very popular audio brand's most popular volume SKU for an in-ceiling speaker sells 50-70 units a month on whole of eBay. That's at ghetto crackhead prostitute price. I thought that there are a lot more people that install in-ceiling speakers vs buying...
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    Understood. $10-15 profit per unit at best. I'm guessing there are 10-20 R3 units are sold a month on whole of Amazon. What do you think? Did escort do setup online purchases to clean up dealer list?
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    Understood! But in this specific example, you say R3's wholesale cost to a dealer is $130ish. It's on sale on Amazon for $144. After Amazon and shipping fees, where's the 5% margin? Like you said, it's a loss. Maybe a break even with rebates/promos. After you saying that those "in underpants in...
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    @Jon at Radenso, I'm a dealer for a few audio brands. The price I buy at is the lowest wholesale price that there is. I see some dealers selling on ebay violating "no internet sales" policy way below MSRP, at negative prices. Price - eBay fee - shipping fee is for sure a loss. I know that if...
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    Decent (unsure if temporary) price drop on Uniden R7

    Could you please elaborate as exactly how Escort's before and now Uniden's dealers make money by selling just a few bucks above wholesale dealer cost? After Amazon and shipping fees, that's guy to be a negative...
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    Competition vs Theia Thoughts

    Both of these, in my opinion, are spot on. Deacon's assessment of elantra04 has a 6 decimal precision and made me chuckle. On a personal level, I find it a little bit off putting that Radenso rep comes across unnecessarily thin-skinned
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    ALP install on Mercedes W124

    I'm thinking about installing ALP laser jammers. Have just basic understanding of the concept. My car has a 1) narrow grill 2) that raises with the hood, so that closing the hood might stress the heads (?) 3) there is a vertical line in the grill smack in there middle, which will prevent...
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    Ohio state police statistics page.

    That is exactly what those figures are. There is less enforcement thus far in 2021 vs same period last year.
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    Highway Radar mystery

    I just learned about existence of this app. All I could grasp is that it shows Waze and air patrol information. But any other meaningful details on what/how/why are not concentrated in a concise and clear manner anywhere... Just a myriad of threads with tens of pages covering episode #222 or...
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    Uniden R7 - Firmware Change-log and Outstanding Issues

    Uniden's update tool does not detect my R7. As per Uniden's instructions, I tried to manually install USB driver that would enable recognition of the R7 by my PC and Uniden's update tool, but it does not want to install, saying "there aren't any drivers for my machine". Has anyone encountered...
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    Does the Uniden R7 still have issues?

    What update?
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    New Database Update 10/6/20

    What is the "database"? Red light camera locations?
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    So Few People Run Detectors These Days....

    That what I like to do, except 85-95 mph is where I prefer to set the cruise control - conditions permitting - which is usually 15-30 over