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    Should I upgrade to V1 Gen 2 or Wait for Theia?

    I just sold my older v1 with the v1 connection. I am wondering should I buy the gen 2 or holdoff for theia? Or should i buy the v1 gen 2 use it, and sell it once theia comes out? Any advice is appreciated.
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    Bought a a129 duo, what is a good way to hardwire it?

    I'm wondering should I I buy a hardwire kit and if so, where do you reccomended I buy it? I see listings on ebay, but I've had terrible experiences with previous chinesse sellers bad aftermarket chargers, etc, unless someone knows a good seller selling a good kit? Thanks.
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    Would anyone buy a R7 for $560?

    I have a friend who had buyers remose and gave me his r7 to sell. Wondering would anyone pay $560 for a brand new never opened R7 with shipping included?
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    Anyone can help me setup a JBV1?

    Hi everyone, I have the V1 3.945, the V1 LE bluetooth dongle, and a old moto E phone running jbv1, and I went to autolockouts in settings, but I see have false k band alerts around kroger, cvs, etc. Can anyone explain how to use setup the jbv1 (I'm near houston if that helps)? Whenever I'm...
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    Best Sweeps Manually Reprogramming a V1 for SE TX and Louisana?

    Hi everyone, Still learning my V1, watching a few videos by Vortex manual programming the v1, and so on Tuesday I plan on taking a trip from near channelview to lake charles, and I'm wonder is there a way I can adjust the K/Ka bands (getting alot of false alerts when near Aldi, Kroger, CVS...
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    Newbie Questions about V1

    Hi everyone, I've owned my V1 for less than a week, and have a few questions. I've realized two things lately riding around my local city with the v1: A.) It doesn't go off whenever I'm around any cops. Any cops that drive pass me, it simply ignores. B.) K band seems to go off around any...
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    Have a Passport 8500 X50...Keep it or Sell it?

    Hi, everyone, I have a Passport 8500 X50 + the red Visual Alert for Escort®, and I'm wondering if this is a too old radar detector to keep using and should I sell it? How much do you think I could get for it (it does say "service required" after about 1-2 minutes of use)?
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    Purchased 2x V1's for $290. Good or Bad Deal?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased two v1's. The first one was $40 from 1993, and I ended up selling it for $110 cash (person gave me $10 extra to bring it to his job) and I bought a used v1 for $250 that only came with the windshield mounts, corded power cord and unit (it does have some scuffs/minor...