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    To fix or replace?

    Last fall my DFR 7 fell off the windshield on a hot day and broke the LED display. Unit works fine, but no display is bugging me. Should I send it in to have Uniden fix it for $70 or replace it with a R3. Been seeing new ones for $265 and refurbished ones for 230. Any input appreciated.
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    Best Cell phone mount?

    Taking my 2014 Explorer on a road trip in April. I was wondering what the best cell phone mount is for my trip for running WAZE? Will be using my DFR7 and Waze on my phone. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello from Huskerland!

    Hello everyone! I'm from Lincoln Nebraska and I"m diving back into the world of radar detectors. Always been a fan of rd's, but could rarely afford the best. guess I've always tried to find the "best bang for your buck". I started with a Whistler Q1000 in 1986. That led to a Spectrum 1, a...