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    Select NYC streets getting lower speed limits

    Emperor (DeBlasio) thus decrees it. Budget deficits, ya know? The downward spiral of normal life continues here... Congrats to those who can "Escape From New York" /Snake
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    Waze - no camera alerts (audio) unless "engaged" in a route?

    I was traveling around town recently, Waze on, but no destination. I got caught by TWO speed cameras and Waze did NOT sound any audio alert upon approach of these cameras, despite being visually on the map. After the second time I was able to circle back around slowly to see if I'd simply...
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    NYC Speed Cameras - Coming back online WITHOUT State Legislative Approval?!!? NYC Speed Cameras To Be Turned Back On Before School Starts ... So i guess this is some type of "Executive" order by Cuomo? WTF? >Laws don't *really* apply to us. It's an emergency, we can bypass the State lawmakers, it's really no big deal. SO, in order to MAKE legislation up...