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    Power Distribution from battery but switched

    So there are lots of smart people on here and I am not one of them... So I need some help. Currently I have the following direct wired to the battery by various installers on the years: Passport 9500ci RD Viper 5900 Alarm ALP's LED Light bar draws 12 amps I have a problem. I forget to turn...
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    Reinstall of system ? for next step

    I have a system that I am moving to another vehicle. While doing that I am adding the new CPU and TX. When it powered up it said I needed to update the firmware which I have. Now it says to Reset to Factory Defaults. I understand that too. However using the IOS App I get the following message...
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    Scheduled my install of an ALP and NetRadar any tips?

    I am replacing my Bell STiR and Laser Interceptors for ALP and a NetRadar. I thought I would ask those who ALL know more than me if there are any tips suggestions or must add products. Suggestions for control mounting location etc... Or for that matter getting to know more in general since its...
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    Installer in North West Metro Atlanta

    I am changing cars and its time to surrender and buy a new LJ and maybe a new RD. Currently I have my 4 yo Laser Interceptors and Bell STiR. After doing all the reading here its time for me to definitely install ALPs and maybe bid farewell to my Bel I get hit almost daily with Lidar in the I-575...