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    Escort Redline 360c Firmware v1.8 Release

    I hope it improves the BSM filtering with Cadillac Escalade as this seems to be my number one falsely at 24.184GHz
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    DC Fluid New Detectors Driving Impressions: RL360c & Max 360c

    I was thinking that the crack in your windshield might be contributing to your issue. It looks like both detectors are mounted right on the crack. The crack will reflect and sometimes magnify either a bogus or real signal. This is possible but do you think it may be probable?
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    New Redline 360c User

    I purchased the Redline 360c last December and drove from New Jersey to Florida several times already. Bottom line, before the last firmware update, I was getting many blind spot false alarms but that did improve after the most recent firmware update. I will post my experiences tomorrow.