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  1. chuckfin321

    ALP 3D Sensor Holders

    I'm looking to purchase some 3D printed ALP sensor holders. I've scrolled through several posts on here and most seam to be from at least a year back. I want to mount (2) Rx and (1) Tx sensors on my rear 2019 GMC Sierra bumper similar to this thread on a 2014 Sierra with the 3d holders. I tried...
  2. chuckfin321

    2019 GMC Sierra Denali - ALP front laser sensor location

    Hey all, I currently am running a Max 360 next to my mirror and Escort Laser Shifter Pros (2 sensors) in the front grill of my truck. I'm thinking my Max 360 is still good for radar (is it worth the upgrade to the latest one?) but would like to replace my Laser Shifter Pros with the ALP system...
  3. chuckfin321

    Joined to discuss upgrading my laser jammer setup

    Hello - I joined here to get my new truck properly outfitted with an up to date system. Currently running a Max 360 and Escort Laser Shifter Pro (2) in the front grill of my 2019 GMC Sierra Denali. I'm thinking my Max 360 is still good but I would like to upgrade to the ALP (2) regular and...