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  1. kadafrogg

    8.20 software go or no go

    Has there been any testing on the firmware up date to see what guns it jams or does not jam? kinda feel naked now not knowing.:confused:
  2. kadafrogg

    Sent STIR plus CPU and head in for service and got new software

    i sent of my 4 year old stir plus cpu and head unit for over haul and the thing came back awsome mush less false alerts to k band crap cars, sent redline in and did complete over haul as well, it blasts of k band constantly, stirplus service ticket said that they modified interface for new 6 PS...
  3. kadafrogg

    South Carolina To Connecticut what states are unmarked police used

    I live in South Carolina were unmarked police cars are used a lot for traffic enforcement. Im traveling thru North Carolina,Virginia,West Virginia,Maryland,Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New york and Connecticut. I have done this trip many times but was just wondering what states could not use...
  4. kadafrogg

    LI heads horizonal heads to vertical how much effect

    I have a 3 head set up on the rear of my car 1 center under tag and 2 very outside corner did unreal testing im wanting to make the 2 out side heads blend un more i want to put them vertical up by my brake and back up lights, have pics posted under 6 head chevy hhr how much effectivnes do i give...
  5. kadafrogg

    Small Town PD In SC Target Range In Parking Lot

    :slick: I had to got to a small town police dept due to a ticket for my month sticker on plate being messed up from car wash and saw these signs there were 3 the 1st sign said 0ft and lidar under the 0 then 120 ft away another sign 120FT lidar and last sign 200 ft lidar. In south carolina they...
  6. kadafrogg

    X-band in south carolina

    i have never run into x-band i run my sti-r plus with x-on as i can lock out falses. has any one run into confirmed x-band encounter in sc
  7. kadafrogg

    sent my 3.872 in to upgrade

    My V1 3.872 has servred me well untill last few months. i run it with my sti-r plus and v1 was very close to it on most encounters and got its butt whipped on others last few months on ka band sti-r is going nuts for a good while and v1 wasnt alerting until i could see the source (mr Piggie)...
  8. kadafrogg

    motorcycles with jammer

    Do any of you guys have jammers on there bikes,and also had them tested. I am putting a blinder m47 on my bike 2 heads front and 2 rear. im haveing trouble posting pics but have some one whos going to help me. Just iunterested in who has jammers on there bike and how they set them up. i havbe a...
  9. kadafrogg


    im trying to decide if i want to sell my sti-d or upgrade to magnum, think upgrade is 99.00 they told me. what are used sti-d not a mark on it was updated a year ago the ramp up and one of the ka bands was improved have the card with that info have the metal box and upgradw card for it what...
  10. kadafrogg

    ChevyHHR duel LI front placement

    this is my current LI 8.8 placement, this was were i had 2 of the 4 blinder heads. im thinking i need to go up some and out closer to the head light the grill under bra mesh is painted flat black. My thoughts on little higher is heads not seeing lazer over a hill. What is the rule on radius of...
  11. kadafrogg

    cpu date code

    i have blinder cpus trying to figure out the date code anyone know how you determine it
  12. kadafrogg

    running 2 jammers

    i have a blinder m27 and LI duel was wondering what happens if you run then both at same time, any one done any testing to see what happens :confused:
  13. kadafrogg

    should i send my sti-driver in to update to the magnum?

    i have an sti-d that i am thinking about sending in to have updated to the magnum wanted to see what you guys think about this
  14. kadafrogg

    li head connections

    I thought i had read some were that the head connections to cpu had to be in a certain spot think it was 2 and 3 for front heads and 1 and 4 for rear is this true or it doesnt matter what ports they are connected too
  15. kadafrogg

    protecting your heads

    I was wondering if you can put the clear film like you put on your cell phone to protect the screen, would cause any problems with jammer. I am all ready starting to see some slight damage to mine and have only had for several months, i live in south carolina and front of my car gets sand blasted.
  16. kadafrogg


    can anyone tell me what date my redline was made and if i should send in for tune up xx 003096 4909 put xx for 1st 2 numbers i take its 49th week of 2009
  17. kadafrogg

    cheetah wirless

    i have a stsandard cheetah wirless for m27 i want to put on my bike i have a touring bike so plenty of dry spots to mount controls any one donr this before i wont to add the visalert and find a water proof swithch to kill jammer
  18. kadafrogg

    tagged in rear

    i was leaving baltimore heading to virgina and got tagged 3 or 4 time took me a second to kill jammer sounded like it said leopold not shure never saw them , i have my front and rear separate and my kill swithch was coverd up , will be fixing that this weekend.
  19. kadafrogg

    just orderd STI-R plus

    i have just orderd my sti-r plus i was wondering what settings i need to adjust as i travel in sc and nc i dont know much about sti-r plus setting yet i have turned off sws and tsr on all my other radar detectors as will i on sti-r but what else needs to be changed on this bad boy
  20. kadafrogg

    new to LI

    i have been and still am a big supporter of blinder, that said i just got a LI duel and wanted to know what i needed to connect my li to computer to change voices and also just wanted to see what all adjustments there were, i also my keep my blinder m47 on my car for now and see just for fun...