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  1. madlion

    New Life New RD

    So after some major life changes I have finally figured most of it out and I am back on the road with a new fun car. Have not been around for a while so I need some recommendations on what is good out there and what I should get for my new ride. Would like to mention that I currently have a...
  2. madlion

    Issue with RG Module and Net Radar

    I just got done installing the ALPs system on my car and I have a couple questions. First of all, I have the CPU plugged, along with the RG3 module and BT module. I have the BT module plugged into the CPU port named "C" and the RG3 module plugged into the "add on" port of the CPU along with...
  3. madlion

    Hot Enforcement Areas in the Twin Cities

    I have been reading you guys for awhile and using CMs for quite some time so I have had my share of encounters around the Twin Cities. I live 20 minutes away from there but I thought this would help people travelling or living in Minneapolis/St Paul. Again, this is only a small percentage of all...
  4. madlion

    15 Mustang Placement

    Looking to install parking sensors on the Mustang and was wondering where they should go to get the best performance? I am doing 2 regular heads and 1 TX head up front so I heard that best practice is to place all the heads a little bit closer when you are adding a TX head. Am I wrong? Also...
  5. madlion

    New Car - New CMs

    Recently, I got my first car that can truly get me in trouble and decided that it was time to put some CMs. So far I am lining towards ALPs and the Net Radar or Radenso. 1. What kind of vehicle you have and do you want a remote or a windshield mount? 15 Mustang Ecoboost. Only looking for...
  6. madlion

    Ford Fusion Placement

    Hello everyone, first post here and really looking to learn and contribute as I start browsing through all the forum! I currently own a 17 Ford Fusion and would like to get some input on where to install the ALPs I just purchased. I have 2 regular sensors and the new TX sensor with the GPS...