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  1. hoserama

    Radar Detector Recommendation for hoserama

    What kind of vehicle you have? Do you want a remote mount or windshield mount detector? Windshield What's your budget? $1000 Where do you live and where do you primarily drive? Houston TX. Primarily drive a Ram TRX How do you drive? Usually +5 over the speed limit. Sometimes like...
  2. hoserama

    2021 Ram TRX

    I have a Radenso RC M and an ALP with 3 RX to be installed in my Ram TRX. What are your thoughts on placement? I was thinking one next to each headlight and the third just above the license plate. I appreciate any feedback! 1614541849 looking at this again, i wonder if this would be better?
  3. hoserama

    ALP Head Mounting Suggestion

    What do you guys think? I have a three head unit coming. Was thinking I may be able to use two, saving one for the rear. I am thinking of mounting the two here.
  4. hoserama

    Buying Radenso Radar and Laser

    So I know that a Radenso sells their product only online thru their store or licensed dealers. I also know their laser jammer and is actually an ALP which can only be purchased in the physical store of a licensed dealer. My question is, is it for sale only at their platinum dealers or can all...
  5. hoserama

    Which Jammer To Buy?

    Let me start with a bit on my background.... About 9 years ago I had installed a Beltronics jammer in my Civic Si. I performed the install myself since I am mechanically inclined and know my way around electronics and technology fairly well. Two forward facing and one rear head was installed...
  6. hoserama

    Need A Radar Detector

    Perhaps someone can help recommend a RD for me. It’s been several years since I have had any protection and would be thrilled to get the opinion of those who are much more knowledgeable than I about this technology. 1. What kind of vehicle you have and do you want a remote or a windshield...