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  1. 2018GTI

    Oregon State Police LTI Lidar

    Anyone know which model this is? This is a screenshot from their FB page in April 2021. Thanks!
  2. 2018GTI

    A129 Pro Duo Quality Control Questions

    I purchased this thing about two months ago and had it hardwired in. It worked fine for a while, then got inconsistent or buggy in my opinion. It would not record on multiple occasions, the screen would freeze on, wifi would not work, the big yellow triangle with with an exclamation point...
  3. 2018GTI

    JBV1 Making Noise (Bloop Sound)

    I am very randomly getting the "bloop" sound 2-3 times in a two or three mile trip. I am not able to correlate it with any event--speed, connections, mode, other cars etc. I have scoured the settings a couple of times, but I don't see anything off. Any help/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  4. 2018GTI

    Mute by V1 and Start Up Noise

    I went KA hunting today and found it. There was a lot going on (heavy traffic) so I could not watch JBV1 too closely. On the screen, there was a 34.7xx alert that was "Muted by V1". How does a KA alert get muted? Can I disable the start up routine on the V1 like I can on an R3? Thanks!
  5. 2018GTI

    JBV1 BT/Audio Not Working

    I am trying to get alerts through my VW BT. I am using a Samsung S8 for JBV1 and an iPhone 11 Pro on CarPlay. I think I know what is going on based on searches of others issues. The short answer--when I connect the S8, and check the device--Settings-Connections-BT-GTI, calls and audio are...
  6. 2018GTI

    Viofo 129 Pro Duo/Editing Software

    I just got this installed and have been playing with it. However, when I download a clip into iMovie on a 5 year old MacBook Pro, iMovie crashes and/or plays in a very choppy manner. It crashes bad enough that it is not useable. There are fixes on the Apple forums, but I don't know if I should...
  7. 2018GTI

    Oregon I-5 Salem-Stalker Lidar Hit by Marion County Sheriff

    I was on my way to Portland to meet Foxstang and get my TMG set up tested. This was my first hit in 10 months-- I just about soiled myself. I was just south of Salem and using JBV1 mostly for the heat map feature, which was at this point turning very red. There were multiple Waze pins so I...
  8. 2018GTI

    JBV1 Offline Autostart/CarPlay

    I have a Galaxy S8 that I use to run JBV1 Offline and it Autostarts to my cars Bluetooth. If I use it alone, it works great--it starts every time. If I hook up my iPhone to CarPlay and run the S8/JBV1 Offline, JBV1 stays connected for a short time 30-60 seconds or so, then it disconnects and I...
  9. 2018GTI

    JBV1 CSA Heat Maps not working

    I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 8 and am running Offline Mode with a data plan. Previously the CSA Heat Map feature worked great(Galaxy 7)--I have reviewed/messed with my settings to no end, cannot get this feature to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have restarted the...
  10. 2018GTI

    2018 GTI Mk 7.5 TMG Head Placement

    Hi, I would love some head placement advice. 1)Front: I am going to start with two heads. I am going to barely meet the 24" minimum with the heads placed at the blue circles. I plan on having the honey comb cut. I could use the bottom honeycomb,I could get wider placement but this is 16" off the...
  11. 2018GTI

    Hello from Western Oregon

    Greetings, I've been reading up here for a couple of months. I am back in the CM game, I have been away about 20 years. After researching here, I purchased an R3--I love this thing, and I use Waze. Its mostly Ka in my immediate area, but OSP does use lidar. So, I am considering a dual TMG for...