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    360C Multaradar false

    I really like the features and capabilities of this detector but the multaradar falses are driving me nuts. Does anyone know if the auto lockouts work for multaradar? I’ve disabled it for now even though I face some threats in Maryland, it’s just too annoying on 1.8 firmware.
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    Smart Cord Wire Gauge

    Does anyone know the gauge wire used with the Escort Smart Cord? I need to splice in couple of extra feet in order to mount the button where it's easily reachable.
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    Need to mount Redline 360C high

    I need to figure out a way to get the 360C higher up on the windshield for my travels through VA and DC. I bought the one in the link below thinking it would be higher than the standard suction cup but the arm is long and the RD sits almost below the rear view mirror with it mounted as high as...
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    Theia speculation burn out

    Anyone else besides me suffering from this ailment? Don’t take this the wrong way, I really do want one of these game changing devices. I just want Radenso to end the suffering by announcing a price and a release date.
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    Firmware - RCM vs Pro M

    I love my Pro M (running FW 19) but the issues I’m having with Mazda’s and BSM filtering are driving me nuts - I cant disable K band due to local LEO’s. I understand Radenso has no say in Pro M FW versions that are pushed to them by the manufacturer. Is this the same case with the RCM? I’m on...
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    Questions about the purpose of “Frits”? Read this.
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    How about an “Amazon Prime day” sale on the RC-M?

    Jon and Randy, lets get the party started!
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    Street Guardian SG9663DC

    Any love out their for this unit from forum members? I've got an older SG front camera and have been pleased with it other than not being alerted when there was an issue with the memory card (it looks like the new camera beeps when there is an issue with the card now). I'm ready to upgrade to...
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    F150 kill switch for hardwired windshield mount detector

    Anyone have pics that you can share? Thanks
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    Is this Poliscan?

    I pass this daily on I-495 in Prince George’s County, MD My Pro-M never alerts, would ALP jam this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Move from Pro-M to RC-M and ALP later?

    I played laser tag the other day and lost (not on purpose!). I drive through Northern Virginia and DC on a regular basis and for that reason my Pro-M is mounted high and hard wired. My Pro-M did not alert nor was anything showing up on Waze. I understand with my detector mounted high the...
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    Redline EX “Caution” or “Slow Down” message on display

    I recently sold my Redline EX and the purchaser is telling me he’s getting error messages on the display. He said he reset the detector and contacted Escort but they can’t figure it out. Any ideas?
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    Pros and Cons Pro M vs RC-M (other than price!)

    I've been super happy with my Pro M (Escort owner for over 20 years) and will probably end up letting my wife have the unit since it's great at filtering out BSM. I have also seen threads comparing the RC-M to other manufacturers but I couldn't track down any threads with a head to head...
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    Any idea if these new cameras are based on MRCD MRCT? How James's tragic death inspired world-first cameras that catch drivers using mobile phones
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    Latest version of Pro M (hardware)

    I’m close to jumping ship from the Escort Redline EX and moving over to the Pro M. Sick and tired of the BSM trash coming out of the Escort. Are there different hardware versions of this detector? I’ll probably order from Crutchfield, just want to make sure they send me the freshest release...
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    Minimizing BSM Alerts

    I travel in Northern VA, DC and MD on a daily basis and with all of the traffic in my area I'm having to hit the mute button way too often due to BSM alerts. I have a Redline EX so I'm covered on the Spectre RDD end of things. What are the best band settings to use to minimize BSM alerts?
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    Escort Direct Wire Smart Cord - can it be spliced?

    I have me EX hardwired to the fuse box in my F150. Has anyone spliced the cord to make it longer? It’s tough to hit the mute button where I had to locate it below the radio and down low (my detector is mounted on the passenger side visor due to location of the fuse box).
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    Escort Live - speed alerts

    I'm a new owner of a Redline EX (needed stealth feature due to proximity to VA and DC) and I have Escort Live set to warn me at 10 mph over the limit. I've noticed while on interstates that Escort Live constantly picks up the speed limit on exit ramps and gives me an over speed alert. I do...
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    Mounting Redline EX - travel through VA and DC daily

    Looking for some advice on mounting options. I've been using a Bel STI Magnum for the last several years and decided to upgrade to an EX. Since I travel through VA and DC often, my STI was mounted using a visor clip mount inside a CD Visor organizer with the threads ripped out of the front end...
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    New Redline EX owner

    Just received my Redline EX - replacing a Beltronics STI Magnum. Looking forward to getting some great advice on this forum!